Strandloper Trail run
Sat 15 Aug 2020 @ Cape Town, Western Cape

Quantum Adventures

150 tickets available in 3 batches of 50 tickets with 3 different dates. 50 runners per allocated date. PRE entries only.


  • The run starts and finish at De Hoek, Noordhoek Beach for each date/time. 
  • It is an "out and back" run - 7km to the turn-around point which is the small car park next to the coastal path/next to Lighthouse Road, after the tidal pool in Kommetjie. The return route will enable you to view the Chapman's Peak, Sentinel, Noordhoek Peak, Constantiaberg mountains all the way from the end of Kommetjie beach to the finish.
  • Total distance is 14km.
  • You will have the best low-tide conditions.

Dates and "START" times:

  • Friday, 28 August @ 6h30
  • Saturday, 29 August @ 6h30
  • Sunday, 30 August @ 6h30


  • You can park in some of the back streets near the beach with limited parking at the beach car park. 


  • Done via email for each start batch, 2 days before your run date. This will include the Indemnity.
  • Your allocated race number will be on the email and you can either just memorise it or write it on your hand on note on your cell phone.
  • Each runner will receive a cap/peak with the Strandloper logo on it.
  • There are no other briefings taking place.
  • You will need to be at the start, on the beach at De Hoek and ready to be set off at 6h30.
  • Where is De Hoek? If you face the beach from Noordhoek Beach car park, it is the right side of the beach where the rocks are visible. You will see other runners gathering there. [Remember social distancing and wear your mask when you wait to be set off.
  • Do not attempt to run or enter, if you've been diagnosed with Covid. In fact, do not enter if you've been ill in the last 10 days.
  • There are no water tables. Please be self sufficient - even at the finish.
  • The Noordhoek Farm Village will be open by the time you get back - you can buy breakfast, coffee etc there and there is plenty of parking.
  • Results will be published online for each group as well as the overall results of the 4 different dates combined.
  • Entries close once each limit tickets are sold or 2 days before each run takes place - whichever happens first.
  • Male/Female category only. Again, this is to enable automatic closure of the entry system when the limits are reached. Apologies for that but we are dealing with unusual challenges - as you are aware, I'm sure.
  • There will be no prize-giving, just lekker vibes with lekker people!

ENTRY FEE: R260.00 [Incl branded race cap or peak]

No water tables – you must be self sufficient. There are public toilets at the start at the end of the boardwalk and Longbeach -Kommetjie

Basic route description:

  • Starting at De Hoek, Noordhoek Beach. Passing Kakapo Wreck and across Kommetjie Beach.
  • The turn-around is at the start of Board-walk veering off into Lighthouse Rd to the Light house - there will be a marshal, recording your number
  • Return via the same route but with vastly different views!

Compulsory kit:

  • Waterproof rain jacket if it looks like rain. Windproof jacket, otherwise. Your final email [2 days before the run] will notify you of the "expected" weather forecast.
  • Cellular phone
  • Hydration - you need to be self sufficient/no water tables.
  • Mini first aid kit: stretch bandage, wound dressing, anti histamine tablets, anti inflammatory tablets, Tri-angular bandage, antiseptic cream.
  • Whistle
  • Space blanket


  • Social distancing applies as per COVID19 regulations.
  • Ipods/ear phones/other music devices or similar are banned during the run – it is for your own and other users’ safety
  • Emergency contact details will be given to each runner which must be kept with you on route
  • Every runner must carry a card on route with their own personal contact details, medical aid details, blood group, emergency contact details, doctor etc
  • Should you encounter an emergency and / or injured runner on route, please assist them and contact one of the emergency numbers provided for the run
  • All persons entering the races will only be allowed to partake if the indemnity form is accepted/signed and you are fully aware that partaking in these events is done so entirely at your own risk
  • The organizing bodies/employees/agents or any other persons/organizations/establishments or other personnel involved with the event shall not be liable for any damage, loss, theft, injury, accident or death suffered by any person, howsoever caused, prior to the event, during the event or after the event
  • In the event of a medical emergency, the organizing bodies/authorities will use their discretion and follow procedures deemed necessary for evacuation and /or medical assistance thereof
  • Stick to the existing trails, paths, low tide sand and do not take shortcuts
  • Do not tamper with the vegetation.
  • Collect only litter
  • Sorry, no pets allowed on the route
  • The run will be timed manually and each finisher will receive a hand made, coffee/drinks coaster [made from alien vegetation/wood] with the race logo onto it.
  • Entries are only confirmed once proof of payment is received. No refund once entered. 
  • Do NOT run if you are ill, have a history of heart and or other illness that may be detrimental to your health and/or if you have been ill a week to 10 days before the run.

More information:

Classes and pricing
Available classes for the event

Class Distance Start Time Price (pp)
Masters Male 16 km 07:15 R 330.00
Masters Female 16 km 07:15 R 330.00
VET MALE 16 km 07:15 R 330.00
Vet Female 16 km 07:15 R 330.00
Senior Male 16 km 07:15 R 330.00
Senior Female 16 km 07:15 R 330.00

Event location
Noordhoek Sportsfields, Cape Town

Route information

Katzenellenbogen Rd, Noordhoek

Coordinates -34.108068869556, 18.378585715866
Address Katzenellenbogen Rd, Noordhoek
City Cape Town
Province Western Cape

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