Kilos For Kids - Global Challenge
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Brain Child Fund

Kilos for Kids – Let’s be significant together and make our kilos count!

We officially CHALLENGE every family/cyclist/runner/hiker/swimmer to see who can accumulate the most kilometers in a 48-hour period.


Your kilos will help create global awareness of the tenacity and inspiration that lies hidden within special needs individuals. Our mission is to give them Hope for the Future, Truth for the Now, and Support for the Journey as they move from surviving to thriving! 

Where will my donations go?

Your donations will empower special needs families to build a sustainable support structure around them. The current six week course costs $300 per family. That means 300km per family at $1/km.

We need your help to raise kilometers, but your donations will also help create new courses that are accessible to more families who simply can’t afford it.

Your Entry Fee will go towards awareness – breaking the isolation and to making sure we share the beauty and fighting spirit of special needs communities around the world.

How does this global challenge work? 

You may enter into one of 3 levels in any of the 4 activities / disciplines you choose:

Walking          /           Running          /           Cycling          /           Other

The “Other” category is for swimmers, rowers, or special needs families who will give their level best just to add one kilometer, even if it takes them 48 hours. 

Level 1:

Enter yourself, family, friends, colleagues, or even your club. You may also enter as your country to challenge other countries here.

This is an international race

Entry fee is R100 (through Entry Ninja payment portal). Donation are accepted in your local currency and can be made through the official Brain Child Fund payment Portal. 


After registration, you will receive a race entry confirmation email.

After payment, you will receive a payment confirmation email and your race number. You will need your race number to submit your kilos after the event, not to mention the spectacular pictures you will take during your participation!

Globally, you have 48 hours to see how many kilometers you can accumulate. You can do multiple sessions during the 48-hour period. It is important for you to record your sessions/activities and take a screenshot with your time, distance, and date, or upload your Strava Activity Logs on the link provided.

Submit your kilos after the event and we will add it to the Grand Total.

To add to the fun, we encourage you to express yourself creatively: team uniforms, individual face painting, wearing anything unique to represent “differently abled.” 

Use the #kilosforkids hashtag to share your efforts and build support on your social media platforms.

Level 2:

In addition to the above, you are encouragedto match one-to-one local currency per kilometer you submit (Example $1/km. If you were able to ride, run, or walk 20 km, you can match it with $20).

Level 3:

In addition to all the above, challenge your friends and family to match your kilos with their donations, one to one. (Example: $5/km per person who support you: If you were able to run 10 km and get 5 people to each match 5 local currency per unit, you would donate $250 (10x5x5= 250). 


Donate here:

All donations from level 2 and 3 can be made to the Brain Child Fund Non-Profit Bank Account through the Payment Portal link provided. Donations from participants must be made by using the entrant’s race number as reference to ensure correct allocation. This works on an honesty basis. 

Corporate / Individual donations (Non participants) are welcome and can be made by using the same link – simply click on the “donate here” link and use “gift” as reference number instead.


Prizes will be given to the top 3 achievers in every category / discipline!

More information:

Team information
This event supports team entries for certain classes. Team sizes range from 2 - 20 participants per team.
Kilos For Kids - Global Challenge

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