GoSport Social Distance Trail Run - Saturday
Sat 20 Jun 2020 @ Unknown, Unknown

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Race Information





 5   Km



 10 Km



Where: Hazeldean Valley Trails

Your entry will include:

  • Finisher Medal when you complete your run
  • Participation Certificate on the BoutTime Website to download
  • 10% Discount Voucher (For next GoSport trail running event)
  • Earn Health Points
    • From Discovery Vitality
    • From Momentum Multiply (*New)
  • Free Parking


How it works:

  • Online Entries: Book your distance and time slot online, we only have 15x spots available per hour per distance. You will notice when the time slot has been fully booked a message that says "Sold Out" will appear, however there might then be time slots available later the day or on Sunday  
  • Number Collection: Once you arrive within your time slot to register and to start your run, your time will start when you start your run and will end when you come over the finish line. Like an Individual Time Trail or Prologue Format
  • When to Arrive: To avoid gatherings please don't arrive too soon, or too late. Arrive anytime within your hour.
  • Timing Chips: We have moved over to permanent running chips, thus every person will have to buy an adjustable chip enabled wrist band at R100ea. This will allow you the following advantages:
    • You will simply enter & pay online
    • Go to any trail running event listed on the BoutTime Website and simply go from your car to the start line
    • No more registration & queuing once you have your permanent wrist band
  • Farm Passes: As this is not a race but a social trail run please remember that venue fees are not included so everyone who do not have an annual Hazeldean Valley Trail pass must either buy a day pass or annual year pass. If you have an annual pass you do not have to buy a day pass.   
  • Medals & Certificates: Please keep in mind the trails are already open so this is not a race, nor a gathering but merely a timed social run with a medal & participation certificate almost the same as a virtual event on the same venue
  • Re-entering to better your time: If you want to better your time, you will have to enter again for a later time slot or alternatively for Sunday. Both results will count. The number of times you can enter is unlimited.

Safety Rules & Regulations

  • Your temperature will be tested before entering the venue
  • Please don't gather before and after your run
  • Everyone should arrive 15 minutes before their time slot, in order to ensure that everyone starts on time
  • In order to ensure safe and social distance running no one will be allowed to run/walk the trails without a booking made in advance for that specific time slot
  • Everyone should present proof of payment at registration in order to receive their day pass/annual pass at the entrance of the trail
  • Please remember to wear your face masks during number collection
  • All late arrivals will result in the forfeiting of the booked time slots, run and refund of entry
  • Strictly No spectators allowed
  • Due to the rules and regulations of Lockdown Level 3 athletes over the age of 61 will not be allowed to enter for the social distance run/walk until further notice
  • Sanitiser will be provided
  • Please remain 1.5m from each other, on the trails if you pass indicate to the person in front of you that you are going to pass and doing so swiftly and by trying to keep your social distance
  • Do not attend if you are sick or have been in the last 14 days
  • Do not attend if you have been near anyone with symptoms
  • Cover your cough or sneeze
  • Bring Kleenex. Use it if you need to blow your nose. Do not do this openly, stand 2 meters away from others
  • Do not touch others with a high five, hug, etc.!
  • Runners are encouraged to carry mask or face covering in the event another person approaches
  • There will be no prize giving at the event venue on race day, please see 2 bullet points below for more detail
  • The wrist chips will enable touch less time-keeping for this event and for any other future trail running events. For this event you will tap your chip when you start and tap it again when you finish.
  • Please note that this is not an organised event nor a race but simply a social Trail Run that get timed at specific venues on specified days that are allowed to be open, there won’t be medics but there will be someone qualified that will be able to assist with a bag, after your exercise session you will receive a medal, downloadable certificate and your time will be captured for your health points at Discovery Vitality as well as Momentum Multiply. The fastest male & female athletes will receive their virtual reward by means of an EFT or physical sponsored item to be collected at our offices or at the next exercise session.. BoutTime will also track who is still out on the trail & who not so please remember to notify us if you didn't complete the whole distance before we send out a search party unnecessary.
  • In order to create a safe and enjoyable venue for everyone who has entered, it is very important that all the Rules & Regulations strictly be adhered to when entering the Trails. Failure to adhere to the Rules & Regulations will result in the forfeiting of the booked time slot, run and refund of entry
  • After your have finished your run and received your medal, you have 15 minutes to exit the venue
  • The Venue, Trail operators, Employees and Companies involved can not be held liable for any Injury, Sickness, Theft or Loss occurred before, during or after entering the Venue 
  • Running Rules
    • #runclean initiative. Runners who litter on the trails or race village will immediately be disqualified
    • Good sportsmanship which means no pushing, shoving or swearing towards anyone on the trails and at the race village
    • Organisers decision are final
    • Any appeals must be in writing & will require proof of GPS file which will be checked on the day
    • Participants shall behave politely towards each other, all race staff, land owners, marshalls, medics & everyone involved and abide by the organisers guidance and instructions.
    • Runners and walkers that are slower and that are being passed, must make way to the left. When overtaking another runner/walker it must be done 2 meters on the right-hand side
GoSport Social Distance Trail Run - Saturday

Event has been Closed

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Class Distance Start Time Price (pp)
5km Trail Run
Only 15x Spots Available Per Distance Per Hour
5 km - 2 Minute Interval Between Each Start 06:00 R 50.00
10km Trail Run
Only 15x Spots Available Per Distance Per Hour
10 km - 2 Minute Interval Between Each Start 06:01 R 75.00

Event location
Unknown, Unknown

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