Impala Tailings Virtual Spring Run
Sat 5 Sep 2020, 05:00 @ ,


Join us in running our first Virtual Spring Run as part of our Go-Green initiative. The proceeds of this event will be used to fund various tree planting projects at the Rustenburg tailings facility.        


05 September 2020

Distance Options?

-Child Entry (Any Distance)

-5   Km

-10 Km

-21 Km

-Any distance including a medal posted to your nearest Postnet (5,10,21 Km)

-Any distance including a medal (Implats Employees) (5,10,21 Km)


You choose your own time on 05 September 2020

How it works?

Choose your time and distance, after your run submit your results and proof to [email protected]. After you have submitted your results it will be uploaded to BoutTime website where you can download your certificate of participation. 

Classes and pricing
Available classes for the event

Class Distance Price (pp)
Child Entry
Child Entry can choose any distance (5, 10, 21 Km)
5 km Can choose to run 5, 10, 21 R 20.00
5 Km 5 km R 50.00
10 Km 10 km R 50.00
21 Km 21 km R 50.00
5, 10 or 21 Km + Medal shipped to nearest Postnet
Choose between 5,10 or 21 Km and your medal will be delivered to your nearest Postnet
5 km Choose your distance between 5, 10, 21 Km R 200.00
5, 10 or 21 Km + Medal (Implats Employees)
Choose 5,10 or 21 Km and your medal will be delivered to your working area
5 km Medal delivered to your working area R 100.00

Event location
Virtual Run,

Coordinates 0, 0
Address Virtual race