Suzuki Like2bike Kids Virtual Vooma 2020 #4
Sun 23 Aug 2020, 17:00 @ Pretoria, Gauteng


Suzuki Like2bike Kids Virtual Vooma 2020#4

(Saturday 15 - 23 Sunday, August)

MTB events for kids of all ages. Join another fun-filled week for the next Virtual Vooma event where you can catch up any medal you might be missing for your medal trophy! 

Event #4 is dedicated to those missing medals.

Medals 1, 2, 3 or 4... 

R50 = 1 entry = 1 

Medal Should you have all the medals and wish to participate, you are welcome to join us, PLEASE NOTE: 

this will give you an additional entry to the Momsen, Cycle Lab WIN A BICYCLE competition and NOT medal #5.

Ride anywhere, anytime with your masks and helmets!

Distance Options, Starting times (AM), Prices and Venue Location


 "Where ever the adventure takes you",

Start from 6 am on your own leisure.


2 KM FUN – R50

5 KM FUN – R50

10KM FUN – R50


10 KM  RACE – R50

15 KM  RACE – R50

25 KM  RACE – R50

What is included in your entry: 

Outdoor fun

Next piece of your puzzle medal

Participation Certificate

A place on our leader board

Send your results to [email protected] and you stand in line to win one of the GREAT spot prizes

Earn Discovery Vitality OR Momentum Multiply Points(if applicable)

Join us on Saturday 15 August - 23 August for our first Virtual Vooma Suzkuki Like2bike MTB event for kids of all ages.

Join our Strava Club

You can also join your child to Suzuki Like2bike Kids Virtual Vooma 2020 #4 on Strava: to keep up to date on riding and training, set goals and challenges.

What do you need to do?

  • If you want to receive your medal after lockdown as well as count it as one of your events toward earning your Series Champ Cycle Top then you need to enter online. The medal is the next cog for you to add and build your trophy.

  • You have 15th-23th August to submit your results.

  • Due to elevation variances, various technical difficulties & different locations, it makes it unfeasible to score riders fairly. Therefore there will be no podium prizes but your time will be added to our scoreboard and you will have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, collect your next medal puzzle piece and this will enable everyone the same chance to have fun in our first Suzuki Kids Like2Bike Virtual Vooma event.

  • Simply enter and once your child has done their ride you can submit your details to Bouttime whereby the team will manage results. Email: [email protected] 

  • You can submit any format Garmin file, Strava photo of a stopwatch, the Bouttime team is trained to deal with various formats. The results will then go on the website once they have been verified by the team.

  • If you would like to compete but don’t want a medal ,you can still enter online to gain an extra entry into the Momsen bike draw at the end of the series , as well as be eligible for spot prizes.

  • Post your pics of your virtual Vooma event on Instagram/Facebook while you taking part.

  • Tag: @Like2Bike #like2bikekids @Suzuk_Sa @Suzuki motorcycles Sa @Uvex Sports South Africa @Absolute Mama Magazine @farm fresh online @Squirt Cycling products and you stand in line to win some fun spot prizes from our sponsors.

Choose your medal:

Cycling tops and shorts

Top: R 415

Short: R 525

Here is our proposed calendar for the rest of the season.

Team information
This event supports team entries for certain classes, but teams must consist of 10 participants per team.

Classes and pricing
Available classes for the event

Class Distance Start Time Price (pp)
2 Km Fun Ride 2 km 08:00 R 50.00
5 Km Run Ride 5 km 08:00 R 50.00
10 Km Fun Ride 10 km 08:00 R 50.00
10 Km MTB Race 10 km 08:00 R 50.00
15 Km MTB Race 15 km 08:00 R 50.00
25 Km MTB Race 25 km 08:00 R 50.00

Event location
Various, Pretoria

Route information
Coordinates 0, 0
Address Pretoria
City Pretoria
Province Gauteng