Funduro MTB Festival @ Grootfontein Bike Park
Sat 21 Nov 2020, 09:00 @ Grootfontein Country Estates, Gauteng

Ultimate Trail Adventures

Welcome dirt friends.

FunDuro at Grootfontein is an all inclusive family and friends driven event in a safe and social environment. Both on and off the bike.

We’ve designed a program based on fun and connecting with like minded people who have a bike shaped heart and soul. 

Activities are geared towards learning new skills or improving on existing skills and applying these on purposely set routes. There will be timing and various categories available so you can test your metal too.

The venue Grootfontein Bikepark is a multi-disciplined bike park overlooking the surrounding farmlands. Accommodating MTB skills levels from enjoyable leisure to highly skilled technical trails. Built by riders for riders so you can get the best out of your riding. 

The FunDuro team can’t wait to kuier with you.

What is a Funduro?

The Funduro is an event for everyone young to old, who loves riding their Mountain bikes, cruising up the hills and racing down. That’s right you are only timed on the “down” section.  Boutime will do the time keeping to compete in this event. 

The race options selected are a combination of flowing. A combination of all fun trials that everyone can ride.

Pump track for the kids.

One of our major sponsors – Norco will also be there on the day with some demo bikes that you can take for a spin.  

Is Enduro Only for the Pros? Definitely not!

While enduro does require some physical fitness and skill to complete the course, it is one of the most approachable disciplines for an amateur rider. Here are a few reasons why enduro is awesome for all levels of riders:

  1. When racing on timed stages, it is just you, your bike and the clock. There isn’t much worry about having to pass or get passed, because you are sent off down the trail at 30 second – 1 minute intervals. If you do get passed (or need to pass someone), it is usually just one person at a time, which is much easier to handle than a whole group of riders in an XC race.
  2. Men, women, pro, amateur; everyone rides the same course! So, regardless of your classification, you can compare your times to everyone else.
  3. It is totally normal to carry a pack around. In a lot of other racing formats you will be scoffed at for carrying a bag, but in enduro, it is often necessary. If you get a flat or other mechanical, you’re responsible. And, who doesn’t love the opportunity for snacking? Transition stages give you the opportunity to catch your breath, stretch out… and… eat!
  4. It is basically a motivated trail ride! Think of enduro as a ride you would normally love to do… just with a bunch of new friends and a little more motivation to push your limits on the descents.
  5. The people are amazing. More than any other form of racing, enduro is known for having a friendly atmosphere. Wait for your buddies to finish the timed stage runs and then ride to the top together. And of course, celebrate with new and old friends at the finish line with race talk, good food and a tasty beverage.


  • Sean Badenhorst - Tread MTB with Soul
  • Sean Lawrence - SkillUp MTB
  • Christopher Pearton - Peach Skills
  • Louise Kotze - Wolk Adventures


  • Kids Skills; 09:00 - 11:00 
  • Kids Race: 12:00

  • Adults skills: 7:00 - 11:00
  • Free  Time: 11:00 - 12:30
  • Adult Race: 13:00

What else will be there?

  • Skills training courses presented by the pro's(included in the rider entry, book your time slot at one of our 4x skill instructors)
    • Groups of 10 per instructor
    • 1 Hour sessions on the actual lines
    • Book your entry together with your skills training time slot
  • Bash down the course and see how you improve before and after your skills training
  • Live band
  • Epic trails/lines
  • Food, beer & non-alcoholic drinks
  • Downloadable online certificate
  • Adventure medics will be present for any "oopsies".
  • Loads of lucky prizes to be won
  • Wee day out!
  • Professional Photographer - Dino Lloyd
  • Free high quality buffs

Overall Prize Categories (Male & Female)

General Categories

  • U11
  • U16 
  • U21
  • U30
  • U40
  • Over 40

Special categories

  • XC
  • Hardtail Male
  • Hardtail Female
  • Open – E-bike

After the event

At the finish line there will be beer from award winning Hazeldean Brewing Co. (there will non alcoholic refreshments also) and food waiting for you. Prize giving will then follow with some great lucky draw prizes to be won.

Important times
Registration opens at 06h00
Race briefing starts at 06h45

Skills training starts at 07h00 (on the course)

Self riding starts at 10h00

Bands to start playing 12:00 ?? Or even 13:30 at Price Giving.

Race starts at 11h30
Race finishes at 13h00

Prize Giving at 14h00

Health and Safety
Normal rules apply, we have attached the clubs Health and Safety Rules for some light reading before the day.


Want to be involved as a sponsor or vendor, please email [email protected] with the services/involvement you would like to offer.

Sean Badenhorst

I started mountain biking in 1991 and have loved every ride and riding experience since then. I am a writer by profession, so communication is a strength of mine.

In 2009, when I launched my own mountain bike media, TREAD, I realized that mountain biking was becoming very popular but that many were coming into the sport from road cycling, running or triathlon and needed to improve their mountain bike skills.

So, I launched TREAD Skills in 2010, based on a successful MTB skills coaching system my friend, Geoff Vorpagel, had established but was no longer instructing.

TREAD Skills started in Johannesburg and then spread to elsewhere in Gauteng, before becoming the first national MTB skills programme in 2015.

By the end of 2017 I needed a change and spent two-and-a-half years working in retail marketing for MoreCycle, before returning my full attention to TREAD Media in June 2020.

I have started to teach some occasional private skills sessions again because I enjoy helping people grow their confidence and passion for mountain biking. Since 2010 I have instructed almost 3 000 South Africans to become smoother, faster mountain bikers.

I’m currently going through a new phase of riding as I ride a lot with my 14-year-old son, Cade, who I have helped learn new skills in the past 18 months since he started showing an interest in riding. He’s a great student because he’s now better than me at most tricks, but I can still whip him on an Enduro line because I have almost 30 years of mountain biking experience. I’m enjoying this while it lasts…

While I enjoy riding predictable, flowy trails, I’m at my happiest on more rugged, natural trails with rocks, sketchy surfaces and lots of corners.

I love Enduro racing because it reminds me of my mountain biking in the early days – we’d ride slowly up, chatting, laughing and building bonds and then charge down as fast as we could, challenging our limits and having fun. I think it’s got a great future in South Africa but it just needs some development events, such as what is being offered at the Grootfontein Bike Park Funduro, which I’m excited to be a part of.

My methods of skills coaching aren’t too unusual. Mountain biking is really just a series of interactions with physics and technology and I break these down into simple forms and teach my students to stay on their ‘good side’, while having fun!


Funduro MTB Festival @ Grootfontein Bike Park

Event has been Closed

Quick menu

Classes and pricing
Available classes for the event

Class Distance Price (pp)
Under 12 Riders
Includes skills introduction, unlimited access to the trails
0 km R 200.00
Adult Rider Access (over 12yo)
Includes skills introduction, unlimited access to the trails
0 km R 350.00
Adult Rider Access (over 12yo)
Excluding Skills Training
0 km R 350.00

Event location
Grootfontein Bike Park, Grootfontein Country Estates

Route information

Welcome to Grootfontein Bikepark. This multi-disciplined park accommodate all MTB skills levels from enjoyable leisure to highly skilled technical trails. Built by riders so you can get the best out of your riding!

Main Hub:
Coffee Shop
Dirt Jump area
Multi drop practice area
Mini Flow track
North shore sections
Pump Trail.
Asphalt Pump Track (Future development coming soon)

Get your flow on at Grootfontein Bikepark with one of SA’s biggest 800m pure adrenaline flow lines! Come join us and see what it’s all about!

Coordinates -25.8933574, 28.3605958
Address 381 Buffa Dr, Grootfontein Country Estates, 0081
City Grootfontein Country Estates
Province Gauteng