Swartberg 100 Gran Fondo 2022
Sat 30 Apr 2022 @ Unknown, Unknown

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The Swartberg100 Gran Fondo starts and ends in Prince Albert, arguably one of the most attractive Karoo towns in South Africa, it covers 171 km of which there are 3 gravel sectors. The final climb is over the gravel Swartberg Pass, a relentless climb of 28 km with gradients of 16% as you reach the summit.

The Staffetta (Italian for relay race), follows the Gran Fondo Route and divides it exactly in 2 x 85.5 km stages. The first stage is suited to a rouleur and the second stage to a grimpeur type rider

The Medio Fondo - flat and fast 55km with 350m of ascent. The e-bike start for Medio-Fondo is 45mins before the standard bikes.

Covid-19 Cancellation Entrants

  • We have moved all August 2021 entrants to this date, we have increased the price slightly to cover the losses incurred by 3 cancellations.
  • Each entrant on the Gran Fondo will have a R250.00 top up to pay for their entry.
  • New entrants will have to pay the slightly inflated price
  • We will return to our normal price in 2023


Gran Fondo............................................  R 1800.00

Medio Fondo........................................... R 500.00

Staffeta (Gran Fondo Relay)...................... R 950.00 x 2

Gran Fondo Tandem................................ R 950.00 x 2

E-Fondo.................................................. R 950.00

Luxury Glamping Tent 2 nights , 2 x Full size single beds, linen + towels, rugs, tables, chairs, lights + cell charge point, 4 x breakfasts ...... R 2800.00

Standard Dome Tent 2 nights, 1 x Mattress + 2 x breakfasts ........ R 650.00

Manicured lawn area + brand new ablution with high pressure, hot showers, quiet and away from race start. Secure parking  50m from your tent.

Please be aware that we are at present not sanctioning this race with any cycling association or governing body, we are following the practice of all gravel bike events worldwide.

The law states we need to comply to the Safety at Sports and Recreational Events act, 2010, which we will and have so in the past.

If a cycling association or governing body provides some benefit to the participants of a gravel bike race, or UCI creates a gravel bike racing category, we will certainly consider sanctioning it with such a body.

If you are a member of a cycling association, that cycling association may have rules about entering cycling events that are not sanctioned by them, please be sure that you understand them before entering.

Refund and Substitution Policy:

  • The entry fee will be refunded if the rider is unable to participate due to death or hospitalisation.
  • Should an entrant cancel his/her entry 3 or more months prior to the entry closing date, he/she shall be entitled to a refund of the entry fee (if not carried over from a previous date), and will be subject to deduction of a cancellation fee, having regard to the potential of the organisers to find an alternative entrant before the entry closing date.
  • If riders are unable to take part in the event and wish to have their entry substituted, they must ensure that the substitute rider follows the correct substitution procedure which is found on the website.  No substitutions will be allowed after the entry closing date. The substitute rider must pay an additional entry fee. 
  • The race will take place regardless of bad weather and will only be cancelled, re-routed or stopped for reasons of safety. In this event, entry fees are not refundable.
  • The organiser reserves the right to refuse any person’s entry, or cancel any person’s entry up to the day before the race. In that event the person’s entry fee will be refunded.
  • No Transfers to the following year will be allowed.

More information: www.swartberg100.com

Team information
This event supports team entries for certain classes, but teams must consist of 2 participants per team.

Classes and pricing
Available classes for the event

Class Distance Start Time Price (pp) 2 person team (pp)
Gran Fondo (170km 3000m ascent) 171 km 07:00 R 1,800.00 -
Staffetta - Gran Fondo Relay 171 km Relay - 85.5km Roleur + 85.5km Grimpeur 07:00 - R 950.00
Gran Fondo Tandem 171 km 171 km and 3000m of ascent 07:00 - R 950.00
e-Fondo (55km e-Bikes only - Medio Fondo Route) 55 km 07:30 R 500.00 -
Medio Fondo (55km) 55 km 08:30 R 500.00 -

Event location
Unknown, Unknown