Eduplex Sport 24hr MTB Relay
Sat 5 Dec - Sun 6 Dec 2020 @ Pretoria, Gauteng


Eduplex Sport proudly presents an exhilarating 24 hour mountain bike race.
Eduplex Sport boasts a mountain bike facility that is ready to pulsate with
energy and excitement in the heart of Queenswood, Pretoria.

The Bike Zone will overflow with enthusiastic bikers and will double up as a
chill zone with various food stalls, MC entertainment and an electric

Registration will take place from 6:30 on Saturday morning. The race will
kick off at around 10:00 and continue for 24 hours until 10:00 Sunday

Our entry options are for solo or team riders depending on your biking

One rider per team will be on the track at a time.
Riders will race a 5km lap which is entirely contained within the Eduplex
Sport grounds ensuring safety throughout the night.

Riders will persevere to complete as many loops of the circuit in the allocated 24 hours.

A shortened 6 hour race will compliment the full 24 endurance race. This 6
hour event will start on Saturday afternoon and finish off at 20:00,
allowing riders to experience the thrill of night riding during the last 90
minutes of their race.

Get those bikes and legs ready and lets ride!

Team information
This event supports team entries for certain classes. Team sizes range from 2 - 5 participants per team.

Classes and pricing
Available classes for the event

Class Distance Price (pp)
24 Hour Solo 5 km (5km laps) R 500.00
24 Hour Team (Women) 2-5 Person Team 5 km (5km laps) R 500.00
24 Hour Team (Men) 2-5 Person Team 5 km (5km laps) R 500.00
24 Hour Team (Mixed) 2-5 Person Team 5 km (5km laps) R 500.00
6 Hour Solo 5 km (5km laps) R 500.00

Event location
Eduplex Power Zone, Pretoria

Coordinates -25.723370386099, 28.255822712967
Address 1261 Rist Avenue, Queenswood, Pretoria, South Africa
City Pretoria
Province Gauteng