Run for a cause, Help a Ranger, Save a Rhino #Series 5 Virtual Run
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We aim to protect all wildlife, from the little rhino beetle to the enormous white rhino!

Our objective is to provide education to the youth to emphasize the importance of conserving ALL wildlife, fauna and flora.

Our rhino are not captive bred; they are not in a small camp. We do feed (due to drought) and we do have a vet on standby for any illnesses or requirements they might have. But besides this – they are wild and natural. They are happy and breeding naturally.

Insimbi was a majestic white Rhino with exceptional genes and a fiery protective personality . Unfortunately his life ended abruptly at the hand of poachers. He was poached on the 31st October 2014 – leaving us with much anger, hurt and sadness, but in honor of this magnificent beast, we have made a conscious decision to protect his legacy, and we ask YOU to help us. Insimbi means “iron” in Zulu

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10km - R100

5km - R100

This event is a fun way to keep you motivated and also to keep you fit and healthy. It also allows you, friends and family to take part in contributing and protecting our Rhino. This is also a good way to create awareness in the conservation of our Rhino for the future generation... 


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-Sabana (Buff)

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Run for a cause, Help a Ranger, Save a Rhino #Series 5 Virtual Run

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