2021 Masgcor Cederberg Two-Day Trek
Sat 2 Oct - Sun 3 Oct 2021 @ Clanwilliam, Western Cape


Cederberg 2-day Trek participants are up for 79km on Day 1 which will start at Augsburg Landbougimnasium (School) in Clanwilliam on Saturday 2 October 2021 (8h00).

The finish of Day 1 will be at Nuwerust. 

Camping at Nuwerust with tent, mattress, meals (lunch,supper and breakfast, and pancakes throughout Saturday!) supplied as part of entry. Drinks will be sold at Nuwerust (bring cash!) after day 1. 

The second day will start at Nuwerust at 8h00 and finish at Augsburg School back in Clanwilliam. 

Riders are allowed to bring supporters along but may not be supported on route – supporters will overnight at Nuwerust with riders. Additional cost of R700 per supporter, which includes camping, tent, mattress, and all meals at Nuwerust. 



Entry Fee - R2 250 (includes all items below)

Items included in entry fee:

One VERY cool T-shirt, Goodie bag, Medal, and some more goodies....WATCH THIS SPACE!

At Nuwerust (halfway): camping, tent, mattress, lunch, supper, breakfast

In addition, entrants can donate to the Cedar Restoration Project, which aims at reforesting the Cederberg with its most iconic and important tree, the Sederboom.


Additional fee for supporters on the 2-day Trek joining at Nuwerust:

 R700 (includes camping, tent, mattress, all meals at Nuwerust)


Supporters have to depart to Nuwerust and Clanwilliam respectively at least 1 hour before start of day 1 and day 2.

NO supporting on the route allowed. Riders' whose supporters are found to transgress this rule will be disqualified.

Riders and supporters are welcome to bring their own tent, but all will pay the same entry fee.


More information: erau64.wixsite.com/cederberg2daytrek

2021 Masgcor Cederberg Two-Day Trek

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Classes and pricing
Available classes for the event

Class Distance Start Time Price (pp)
Masgcor Cederberg 2-day Trek (includes camping, tent, mattress, all meals at Nuwerust) 160 km 07:00 R 2,250.00

Event location
Augsburg Lanbougimnasium, Clanwilliam, Clanwilliam

Coordinates -32.1774009, 18.8882212
Address 1 Pres Brand Street, Clanwilliam
City Clanwilliam
Province Western Cape

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