Prestige Trail Run Series #1
Sun 30 May 2021, 08:00 @ Pretoria, Gauteng


Join us for the Winter Prestige Trail Run Series 2021, the top of the crop hand-built trails around Pretoria’s outskirts.

*** NEW: Book your spot for all 4 exercise sessions and receive a free T-Shirt (you register only at the 1st event and simply pitch up at the start line for the remainder of the series, no more registration)


Free T-Shirt 


The BLACK-EDITION Prestige Puzzle Medal *NEW

When you cross the finish line at each of the events you will receive a selected piece of your medal. Once you have completed all 4 events you will have one complete 110mm Prestige Trail Run Medal. 

***The first 500 entries will receive their medals on the day, the rest will receive them after the event***

The New Permanent running wristband

By buying our new permanent running wristband you can avoid queues at all running events across all organizers timed by BoutTime! no more registration. Buy a wristband at only R100!!

Run-A-Way Sport

For a prestige event we can't just partner up with anyone except for the best. Run-A-Way Sport is very well known in the trail & road running industry and they will be our partner of choice. Number collections will take place on the Friday prior to each event of the Prestige Trail Run Series - The Best Local Trail Collection @ Run-A-Way Sport between 3 & 5pm. They will also be sponsoring running merchandise & vouchers at each event. Pop in at their shop and see what they offer!


Official Vitality Racing Event (VRE)

Taking part in race events is a great way to stay motivated to exercise regularly – from a 5km fun run to an endurance event such as a cycle race or marathon. To celebrate all levels of event participation of our Vitality members, we have expanded our race event calendar to include any timed and verified race event in the disciplines of cycling, walking/running, swimming and major multisport events. This means you are able to compete both locally and in international events – and be rewarded for it.

Momentum Multiply

We have partnered up with Momentum Multiply. This means that you can now start to earn Multiply rewards. Simply enter for any of BoutTime events and start to earn those rewards. You will be able to earn rewards for all of the categorized events that we offer. 

Our venues will be:

  1. TAF (Tierpoort Adventure Farm) – 30 May 2021, Sunday - Starts @ 08:00
  2. Rosemary Hill (The Rosemary Edition) - 20 June 2021, Sunday - Starts @ 09:00
  3. Windy Brow – 25 July 2021, Sunday - Starts @ 09:00
  4. Cowhouse - 29 August 2021, Sunday - Starts @ 08:00

How it works

  • Enter for all four races and receive a free T-Shirt, you can enter them individually to qualify for the aforesaid
  • Each race you complete will consist of a partial individual medal, after completing all four events your huge 11cm Prestige medal will be complete.
  • Distances at all venues will consist of 21, 15, 10 & 5km
  • Vitality & Momentum Multiply: As a VRE(Vitality Race Event) & Momentum Multiply partner, we will submit the results within 48 working hours to Vitality & Momentum, if you are a Vitality or Momentum Multiply member you won't have to do anything at all. 
  • When to Arrive: To avoid gatherings please don't arrive too soon.
  • Timing Chips: We have moved over to permanent running chips, thus every person will have to buy an adjustable chip enabled wrist band at R100ea. This will allow you the following advantages:
    • You will simply enter & pay online
    • Go to any trail running event listed on the BoutTime Website and simply go from your car to the start line
    • No more registration & queuing once you have your permanent wrist band
  • Medals & Certificates: Please keep in mind the trails are already open so this is not a race, nor a gathering but merely a timed social run with a medal & participation certificate almost the same as a virtual event on the same venue

Number Collections, Registrations & Late Entries

  • Friday, 28 May 2021: Run-A-Way Sport between 3 & 5pm (302 Freesia St, Lynnwood Ridge, Pretoria, 0040)
  • Sunday, 30 May 2021: At TAF venue from 7am onwards

Distances, Entry Fees & Start Times

6 Reasons why you should pre-enter
  1. Avoid disappointment if we have to close entries if event becomes overbooked, so secure your entry now
  2. Assist the organisers to plan The Prestige nutritional points along the route, participants of event #1 will understand what we mean.
  3. Secure your medal when you cross the finish line (A late entrant may be required to collect his/her medal of event #2 at the next Prestige event)
  4. Save R30 on surcharge
  5. Secure your goodie bag
  6. Much faster queues for pre-entrants which allows more time to stretch those legs while sipping on your gourmet coffee
DistanceTAF (Tierpoort Adventure Farm) - Start TimesPricing - All 4 eventsPricing - Individual event
21kmMass Start
15kmMass Start
10km (Hikers allowed)Mass Start
5km (Hikers allowed)Mass StartR400R110

Enter for the 4x events

Your entry will include:

  • Great scenic and very well marked routes, loads of single track, jeep track & farm roads
  • Fully stocked waterpoints
  • Earn Discovery Vitality or Momentum Multiply Points 
  • National Trail Seeding Event
  • Ample parking
  • LIVE Timing

What else is there?

  • Take Away Gourmet food stands
  • Take Away Gourmet coffee

The Rules and Regulations (Things that might get you disqualified)

  • Please don't gather before and after your run
  • Please remember to wear your face masks during number collection
  • Strictly No spectators allowed
  • Please remain 1.5m from each other, on the trails if you pass indicate to the person in front of you that you are going to pass and doing so swiftly and by trying to keep your social distance
  • The wrist chips will enable touch less time-keeping for this event and for any other future trail running events. For this event you will tap your chip when you start and tap it again when you finish.
  • Sanitiser will be provided after your exercise session you will receive a medal, downloadable certificate and your time will be captured for your health points at Discovery Vitality as well as Momentum Multiply
  • #runclean initiative. Runners who litter on the trails or race village will immediately be disqualified
  • Good sportsmanship which means no pushing, shoving or swearing towards anyone on the trails and at the race village
  • Organisers decision are final
  • Any appeals must be in writing & will require proof of GPS file which will be checked on the day
  • Participants shall behave politely towards each other, all race staff, land owners, marshalls, medics & everyone involved and abide by the organisers guidance and instructions.

Feedback from your fellow athletes about this trail

"Thank you for a great run!"


"Thanks you for today's race! It was a beautiful scenic race and well marked. Will definitely be back next time."


"This trail truly offers everything runners can ask for"


"Awesome trail en race!"


"WOW, WOW, WOW. What an amazing event."


"Tnx guys 4 a gr8 tuff route"


Route Profiles

No laps - Epic Scenery

21km(470hm) - Route Profile

 The 21km route will consist of 380m elevation. The trail will consist of single track, cattle paths, jeep track & forest sections. There will be 3x fully stocked nutrition points along the route. The 21km is not for the faint hearted but will surely be worth the run!

15km(320hm) - Route Profile


The 15km route will consist of 290m elevation. The trail will have the best collection of single track, cattle paths, jeep track & forest sections over the shortest distance. There will be 2x fully stocked nutrition points along the route. The 15km is great for runners who would like to do a bit more than 10km but are not ready for the 21km yet but would still like to have fun.

10km(320hm) - Route Profile


The 10km route will consist of 180m elevation. The trail will have single track, cattle paths, jeep track & forest sections. There will be 2x fully stocked nutrition points along the route. The 10km is very popular among weekend warriors Á runners who would like to challenge themselves.

5km(320hm) - Route Profile


The 5km route will consist of 115m elevation. The trail will have single track, cattle paths & jeep track. There will be 1x fully stocked nutrition points along the route. The 5km is designed for family, friends, hikers & anyone who would like to be part of the Prestige Trail Run Series.

Prestige Trail Run Series #1

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Classes and pricing
Available classes for the event

Class Distance Start Time Price (pp)
21KM 21 km 08:00 R 210.00
15KM 15 km 08:15 R 185.00
10KM 10 km 08:30 R 160.00
5KM 5 km 08:45 R 110.00

Event location
Tierpoort, Pretoria

Route information
Coordinates -25.8882239, 28.4104684
Address Tierpoort
City Pretoria
Province Gauteng