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Mon 15 Feb - Mon 29 Mar 2021 @ Randburg, Gauteng


6 Events from the Pharaoh's to test your Physical, Mental Strength and Endurance. 5 of the events stay the same for our Calendar Season. This means you can train for all 5 of our events throughout the season and try better your times. Only in the new Season will we change certain aspect's of the workout - however the core idea will stay exactly the same. Our main focus was to keep movements simple, so that anyone could do them. This means that YOU or ANYONE can do the workouts if you are just looking for something new and fun to help set goals. So with simple movements we decided that we want you to have the opportunity to go in, set a time, then come back and beat that time. We want to motivate you to set goals and get fit! It's not just competition its to better yourself. We have high standards for our #Xnation Community which is a platform to grow Mentally as well as Physically. The events are programmed to test you on all those fronts but - at the same time show you that you are capable of anything if you just set your mind to it!

4 of our events are part of the Pharaoh's Series. The only way to be able to take part in the Pharaoh's Series is to qualify via our Online Qualifiers. You then will compete over 3 Weekends and tally up score on our Leaderboards. Our 1st weekend will have 2 events which will always be *Osiris and *Nut Sky Series. If you are only interested in doing one of the events, you can enter events separately but will not be able to compete in our Pro Class. 

Our Qualifying Workouts:

Running From The PoPo: can be done on a 400m track or on the Assault Air Runner. 10min Run as far as you can!

Throwing Salt: You will have to throw your designated sandbag over your shoulder 50 times, as fast as you can.

B12 Bomber: For this Qualifier Age Group will have different weights and reps - please make sure you note what Age Group you are in if you are doing Age Group. You will have to throw your designated Wall Ball at your designated Target, making sure you start in a squat breaking 90 degrees (Meaning hips lower than knees), then coming up and throwing your ball at the target and then catching your ball and repeating the process.


Below are our Classes/Categories:

*Pro - Are Athletes that compete in the Pharaoh's Series they will compete for Money and Sponsor Prizes. All 4 of the events must be completed to be eligible for Prizes.

*Elite - Are Athletes competing in single events with Pro Weights and Reps Schemes - however they are NOT part of the Pharaoh's Series and therefore not eligible for Money Prizes. They will have Sponsored Prizes for Podium Finishes on the day.

*Age Group - Are Athletes who compete in their assigned Age Groups via the year of their birth. Each Age Group will have their own weights and Rep Schemes. Athletes will compete for Sponsored prizes within their assigned Age Group.






60+ (This Age Group will join up with 50-59 if the numbers are too low for a batch)

*Casual - Are Athletes looking to just compete with themselves. The Weights and Rep Scheme will be the same as our 50-59 Age Group. No Prizes.

*Pro Team - Are same sex teams of 2. They will compete with Pro Weight and Rep schemes. They will compete for Money and Sponsored Prizes. They will compete in Osiris as a seeding event for Heat Placement. There after they will compete in which ever event is being hosted for that Series Weekend (See Events below Category explanations).

*Pro Mix Team - Are teams of 2 One Male and One Female. They will compete with Pro Weight and Rep schemes. They will compete for Money and Sponsored Prizes. They will compete in Osiris as a seeding event for Heat Placement. There after they will compete in which ever event is being hosted for that Series Weekend (See Events below Category explanations).

*Corporate Team - Teams of 4, any sex. The event is focused on team building and planning to complete which ever Series Weekend is being hosted. No Prizes.

(We are currently looking at an under 18 event for Schools which will be part of School Leagues)


Below are Events:

Events named after Egyptian Pharaoh's have sneaky riddles in Graphics for you to try and solve. If you work them out we will be giving Discounts/Free entries as well as Prizes. Be warned, they not easy and are all related to Egyptian Mythology. 

*Pharaoh's Series - 4 Events only available to Pro Individuals who qualify through the Online Qualifiers. 3 weeks, 4 events. *Osiris, *Nut Sky Series, *Set Storm Series, *Ra Sun Series. Athletes will earn points based on placement as well as Time Goals. For example you finish 1st - 100pts but also go under our Best Time Goal of 4 Times to beat you get +4. Which means you walk away with 104pts (See points description below Events). This means every second counts - so don't give up as 1pt can separate the Overall Winner. The Series is Winner takes all. 1st Money Prize Male and Female, 2nd and 3rd get Sponsored Prizes. (As we grow as an event we are looking for Prize Money for top 10 Athletes).  

*Osiris - Only available to Pro Teams and Pro Individuals. Short 10min workout with 3 movements. This is the most Technical of our workouts due to the Squat Cleans that have to be preformed. For our Pro Teams this will always be the Seeding event for Heat Placement. For Example Finish 1st and 2nd you will be the last Heat giving you the advantage of seeing competitors times to beat.

*Nut Sky Series - Can be entered as a Separate Event Solo or Teams. This is our hardest running event and will suit our Trail Runners. There will always be a minimum of 200m Elevation gain over 3km, with 1 to 3 exercise's in the mix. Distance will vary depending on your Class. Note there is a Separate Event *Nut Ultra which is not part of Pharaohs and is only for Solo entry. (See description *Nut Ultra) 

*Set Storm Series - Can be entered as a Separate Event Solo or Teams. This event is only 1km total of Running with 25 Movements. All are simple but Weight and Rep Schemes will challenge each Class - with that being said careful thought has gone into each Age Group Class and Weight was programmed so that everyone can move the Weight. However our Reps Scheme will challenge Athletes. Only our Pro's will have challenging Weights.

*Ra Sun Series - The Pharaoh of Pharaoh's can be entered as a Separate Event Solo or Teams. This event combines all the events to create a Unique experience in Running, Strength, Mental, Endurance and for our Teams, a strategic Race. 9km of Running with 11 Movements. 

*Nut Ultra - Separate Event only available to Solo entry for Pro or Age Group Classes. Pro will have Money and Sponsored Prizes. Age Group will have Sponsored Prizes. This event can be between 12km (More Elevation and Exercises) to 45km (Even More Elevation and Exercises ;) for Athletes). Distance will be venue Dependent, we will always let you know the ESTIMATED distance in the entry description before you enter each event. We always keep the distance as close as possible but cant promise it to be the same due to different GPS watches and Software used.

*PyramidX Unknown - This event has no classes and is 1st come first serve. We have created this event to push you beyond what you thought was possible. This event is to GROW as an Individual it is NOT a competition, It's YOU vs YOU. You can motivate fellow participant's but will have to complete all tasks by yourself. None of the tasks will be disclosed to any of the participants including you until you have to do them - it will be Unknown from start to finish. To complete Unknown you will have to reach an undisclosed amount of points. Each Task will have an undisclosed amount of points if completed, which means you will have to think about Tasks to do or skip, based on assumption of how much they are worth once they are reveled to you in that moment. Unknown is a 2 day STAY OVER event , but we will do the odd 1 day event. Accommodation and Food will always be Venue based, but we will always try provide these in your Entry Fee. 

Points System Pharaoh's Series:

Per Event 

1st - 100pts

2nd - 90pts

3rd - 85pts

4th - 80pts

5th - 75pts

and so on.

Time Goal Points for each event except Osiris 

Example *Ra Sun Series Time Goals

Time Goal 1. 1hr 25min - 4pts

Time Goal 2. 1hr 30min - 3pts

Time Goal 3. 1hr 35min - 2pts

Time Goal 4. 1hr 40min - 1pt

(Every Athlete will be awarded Time Goal pts if they beat the Time Goal and not just the 1st Athlete to beat a Time Goal)

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