Online World Championship Qualifiers
Mon 6 Sep - Sun 3 Oct 2021 @ Randburg, Gauteng


September 6th to October 3rd

Functional Fitness is calling all Athletes from Crossfit, Obstacle Racing, Tri Athletes, Trail Runners, or any Athlete who feels they have what it take to be the best in the world of pure Functional Fitness. Strength, Endurance, Adaption

Online World Championship Qualifiers - punch your ticket to South Africa to take on the very best in Functional Fitness, January 14th, 15th, 16th, 2022.

Can you Run, Lift, Row, Cycle, Ski, Strongman, Trail Run and ADAPT?

We will test you on all fronts, the best in One field WILL NOT BE ENOUGH!

4 Weeks, 4 Workouts to Qualify for our FIRST World Championship held in Sunny South Africa 

What will you need?

1. A Free WOD Proof Account for Workout Filming, Timing and Rep Counting.

2. Free Strava Account, every upload must then be set to "Race" 

3. A Free YouTube Account to upload your video Workout Proof so you can send us the link for our Judges.

4. Determination!

What do you need to know?

1.There will be drug testing at our World Championship in South Africa - any clear positives after investigation and appeals will be a LIFE TIME BAN from our Event in all the Countries we host in.

2. Every Monday CAT 00:00:00 we will release a New Workout - Every Sunday BEFORE CAT 23:59:59 you will Submit your workout links to [email protected] 

3. Leaderboards will only be updated every Tuesday after our Judges go through workouts. We will have 3 Judges go through your workout to make sure no reps are miss counted and to  ensure there is no cheating - which will result in immediate LIFE TIME BAN.

4. We will Release Movement Standard Videos on all our social channels every Monday - Make sure you understand, if there is any confusion reach out to us before that Sundays Submission at [email protected] - if you do not get the movements right that will fall on you. So remember its YOUR responsibility to reach out and ask if you are unsure - we will help and reply ASAP.


There WILL be surprises during the events - be ready to ADAPT at any Point 


More information:

Classes and pricing
Available classes for the event

Class Distance Price (pp)
For our Australasian Athletes
0 km R 200.00
North America
For our North American Athletes
0 km R 200.00
South America
For our South American Athletes
0 km R 150.00
For our European Athletes
0 km R 200.00
For our Asian Athletes
0 km R 150.00
Middle East
For our Middle East Athletes
0 km R 150.00
For our African Athletes
0 km R 100.00
For our Scandinavian Athletes
0 km R 200.00

Event location
Online, Randburg

Coordinates -26.0275627, 27.9846209
Address 50 Chrisoliet Street, Jukskei Park, Randburg, South Africa
City Randburg
Province Gauteng