Suzuki Like2Bike Kids Event #6
Sun 5 Dec - Sun 12 Dec 2021 @ Olifantsfontein, Gauteng


 Event #6 is at the fantastically awesome Big Red Barn. The final event in the 2021 series is guaranteed to be the best start to your month of December festivities and holidays. Join Suzuki and Like2Bike for a family fun kids MTB and Duathlon event. Kids ages 2 - 18 years and make a day of it! 

Distance Options, Starting times (AM), Prices and Venue Location


Big Red Barn

06:30-08:00 am at the venue

Fun MTB:

10km Fun MTB  - 08:10 am start

5km Fun MTB - 08:20 am start

2km Fun MTB - 08:30 am start

Race MTB:

25km MTB Race -  7:30 am start

15km MTB Race -  7:30 am start

10km MTB Race -  7:40 am start


POWER: 2km Run, 10km MTB, 1km Run @ 7:50 am start

MID: 1km Run, 5km MTB, 500m Run @ 7:55 am start

LITE: 5000m Run, 2km MTB, 250m Run @ 8:00 am start

  • All live events will be accompanied by a Virtual Vooma online event.
  • Please ensure you allow enough time to get to the venue and through the gates.
  • Covid protocols will be strictly adhered to and you will be screened before being allowed access to the venue. Please note that this may cause a queue to get into the venue. 
  • Participants to be in the GREEN start chute 15 minutes prior to the start of their respective distance/discipline.
  • Masks are compulsory
  • No helmet, No ride
  • If parents participate in the race categories, the child will not be eligible for podium positions. Prize giving is for the racing and duathlon categories only.

Timing Boards: This is a timed event, a timing board will need to be purchased in order for your child to participate in the event, once-off Cost for timing board: R50. Cable tie it to the front of your bicycle. If you lose it you will need to purchase a new timing board, if you change disciplines or distances, you will swop your board out at registration on the day of the event.

Classes and pricing
Available classes for the event

Class Distance Start Time Price (pp)
2km Fun MTB (Virtually) 2 km 00:00 R 100.00
5km Fun MTB (Virtually) 5 km 00:00 R 100.00
10km Fun MTB (Virtually) 10 km 00:00 R 100.00
10km MTB Race (Virtually) 10 km 00:00 R 100.00
15km MTB Race (Virtually) 15 km 00:00 R 100.00
25km MTB Race (Virtually) 25 km 00:00 R 100.00
LIGHT DUATHLON (Virtually) 2.7 km [ 500m RUN, 2km MTB, 250m RUN ] 00:00 R 100.00
MID DUATHLON (Virtually) 6.5 km [ 1km RUN, 5km MTB, 500m RUN ] 00:00 R 100.00
POWER DUATHLON (Virtually) 13 km [ 2km RUN, 10km MTB, 1km RUN ] 00:00 R 100.00
25km MTB Race (Big Red Barn)
25km MTB Race
25 km 07:30 R 230.00
15km MTB Race (Big Red Barn)
15km MTB Race
15 km 07:30 R 200.00
10km MTB Race (Big Red Barn)
10km MTB Race
10 km 07:40 R 200.00
Power Duathlon
13 km [ 2km RUN, 10km MTB, 1km RUN ] 07:50 R 200.00
Mid Duathlon
6.5 km [ 1km RUN, 5km MTB, 500m RUN ] 07:55 R 200.00
LIGHT DUATHLON (Big Red Barn) 2.7 km [ 500m RUN, 2km MTB, 250m RUN ] 08:00 R 200.00
10km Fun MTB (Big Red Barn)
10km Fun MTB
10 km 08:10 R 200.00
5km Fun MTB (Big Red Barn)
5km Fun MTB
5 km 08:20 R 200.00
2km Fun MTB (Big Red Barn)
2km Fun MTB
2 km 08:30 R 150.00
Parent & Over 20 years
A free class for all the adults, no discipline or distance attached.
0 km 08:30 Free

Event location
The Big Red Barn, Olifantsfontein

Coordinates -25.9273776, 28.2285199
Address The Big Red Barn
City Olifantsfontein
Province Gauteng