Darling Brew Trail Run 2022
Sat 27 Aug 2022 @ Darling, Western Cape

Darling Brew


Experience Darling & surroundings from an unforgettable point of view!

The Darling Brew Trail series is one of the foremost runner’s adventures the West Coast has to offer. Every year, our talented trail developers go above and beyond to create epic routes that venture off the beaten track to take participants into the most beautiful, unspoiled areas around our little hamlet in the scenic Swartland.

Join us this year to run these beautiful and otherwise inaccessible Darling routes in your own time and at your own pace!


Darling Brew Trail will take place on the 27th of August 2022 starting at 06:30. Cape Town sunrise is set at 07:09 on this date in August.

The race starts and finishes at Darling Brew, 48 Caledon Street, Darling, Western Cape, South Africa.


Arrow Head 21km |  07:15
Rogue Pony 14km | 07:30
Pixie Dust 7km | 07:45

Please note if registration is delayed, we will start each category 15 minutes later.


DB Trail 2022 Registration will take place at the DB Tasteroom in Darling on:

Friday, 26 August 2022 | 15h00 - 17h00
Saturday, 27 August 2022 | 06h00 - 07h00



Final Routes have been updated and are available below:
21km - https://ridewithgps.com/routes/40699120
14km – https://ridewithgps.com/routes/40699169
7km - https://ridewithgps.com/routes/40699182

? 21km Arrowhead ?
Starting and finishing at the brewery, this route takes you through the Renosterveld reserve to exit Darling, making your way through the beautiful Towers farm and detouring to (arrow)head up the infamous Kapokberg mountain which has some great elevation. Enjoy panoramic views of Darling, the West Coast ocean and Table Mountain before a steep decline into the Darling hills that will take you along jeep tracks and a tricky single track before you wind down past Ormonde Estate back into town.

? 14km Rogue Pony ?
Start and finish at brew, we take you out through the Renosterveld reserve to exit Darling, making your way through the striking Towers farm and enjoying the various jeep tracks running through the estate’s bushveld “koppies” while catching a glimpse of the ocean along the West Coast. Finally, join in on the 21km route’s single track to wind down past Ormonde Estate back into town.

? 7km Pixie Dust ?
This race is suitable for the whole family! Walk or run towards the highest reaches of Darling’s topography and run down past Ormonde Estate to enjoy a short climb up some jeep track through farmlands, beautiful vineyards and back down into town.


Staying on track

? Please follow the red arrows en route but use colour markers at split points that will match the colour of your bib. There will be signs indicating split points ahead and water points.

At the split points please follow the direction of the colour arrow that matches the colour on your bib - 21km will have a red/orange arrow, 14km a green arrow, 7km a yellow arrow at the split points. If you are confused about directions on the trail, please ask one of the marshals who will be placed at key points (e.g. split points).

Water points

? All runners are advised to bring hydration packs (water/emergency snacks) specifically 21km. There will however also be water points en route.

Water point for 21km: 1st WP will be at 7km (this is a self-help hydration point). The 2nd WP will be at 14km with a snack table and hydration. The 3rd WP will be at 17km which is another self-help hydration point.

Water point for 14km: 1st WP will be at 8km (this will be a snack table and hydration) and the 2nd WP at 11km (this is a self-help hydration point).

Water point for 7km: There will only be one water point at 3.5km. this will be a self-help hydration point.

♻️ Do not litter at water points – please use the bins provided

Staying safe

? Please wear a hat/buff, sunscreen (SPF50), and appropriate comfortable running clothes. Due to a chance of slight rain this year, runners should also come dressed appropriately for wet weather. 

Please be vigilant when exiting and entering the town across roads and follow the direction of the on-site traffic officers. In case of an emergency there is an emergency number printed on your race bib


All runners will receive a race pack at the start of the day. When you’ve completed your race, please hand in your race number to receive a post-run finisher’s beer (non-alcoholic options available), our official #DBT2022 glass, and a Darling Brew Trail medal. Exim spices and Hammer Nutrition will also be offering post-race snacks and recovery drinks.

If you finish in the top three in your category, it would be fantastic if you can stick around for prize collection. If you have to leave early, we can however also arrange delivery of your prize. 

DB Tasteroom in Darling will be open – first come, first served. Accommodation and other restaurants can be found on Hello Darling!

More information: darlingbrew.co.za/pages/dbtrail

Darling Brew Trail Run 2022

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Classes and pricing
Available classes for the event

Class Distance Start Time Price (pp)
21km Arrowhead 21 km 06:30 R 375.00
14km Rogue Pony 14 km 06:45 R 275.00
7km Pixie Dust 7 km 07:00 R 150.00

Event location
Darling Brew Tasteroom, Darling

Coordinates -33.3723602, 18.3903427
Address 48 Caledon Street, Darling, 7345 South Africa
City Darling
Province Western Cape

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