Hemel & Aarde Marathon 2022
Sat 5 Mar 2022 @ Caledon, Western Cape

Hemel & Aarde Marathon


The race entries are capped at the first 3000 entries received

All entrance will receive a high quality beautiful design Hemel en Aarde race T-shirt 

All finishers will receive a unique medal


Collection Dates: 

Wednesday 2nd March - 14h00 - 20h00 (Totalsports, Tygervalley Centre - Bellville)

Thursday 3rd March - 14h00 to 20h00  HERMANUS: High School Hermanus 

Friday 4th March - 10h00 to 20h00  HERMANUS: High School Hermanus 

**Final Instructions will be sms to each athlete** Please note you will not receive a race number sms - Your race number will be allocated to you at registration ;o)


The races will be run according to the rules of Boland, ASA and WA (IAAF).  No seconding will be allowed.

Age restriction: 20 Years

No iPod's or listening devices

No littering allowed more than 30m away from the watering points (Runners will be disqualified when caught littering) 

Let’s keep our beautiful country clean.

All participants must wear a suitable face mask on arrival at the venue. No person will be permitted to enter the demarcated areas without a face mask. The mask must be worn on board the buses as well as the start & finish areas. The mask may be removed during the run only, but must be replaced at the Finish.

Athletes, entering for this event, and who use medication to treat an illness or condition which falls under the Prohibited List, should complete a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) form before entering for the event and obtain authorization from SAIDS to take the needed medicine or method.

Registered athletes must wear full club colours. You do not need to be a member of a registered club, any individual can enter and run as an unlicensed athlete. 

You will however need to purchase a temporary license. Temporary numbers must be worn on the back of the vest. 

Licensed athletes license-numbers must be worn on the front and back of the vest.  Official Race numbers must be worn on the front of the vest, below the top part of ASA.

Age category ID tags must be worn (back and front) by athletes competing for a category prize AND must be fixed on the vest (all 4 corners). 


The safety of our participants is always a top priority during the hosting of the Hemel en Aarde Marathon In 2022, the event will have the additional challenge of Covid-19 protocols which are aimed at mitigating risks for all involved.


In line with permissions received from the relevant authorities, the following mandatory protocols will be in place during Registration which precedes the event on 5 March 2022

  • All participants will need to be fully vaccinated or undergo a Rapid Antigen Test, which must return a negative result, before they can register for the 2022 Hemel & Aarde Marathon.
  • Participants are considered to be fully vaccinated if:

– they have had two doses of the Pfizer vaccine (with the second dose having been received a minimum of 7 days prior to the event)
 – they have received one dose of the J&J vaccine (at least a minimum of 28 days before the event).

  • Proof of vaccination: Participants will be required to prove their vaccination status by either showing their vaccination card together with personal identification or, in the case of international participants, their vaccination bar code.
  • Due to Covid regulation all Athletes have to register in person. No 3rd party collection allowed
  • Participants not fully vaccinated or unvaccinated: In the case of participants who have not been fully vaccinated or are unvaccinated, a Rapid Antigen Tests (that take 15 minutes) will be conducted at Registration and must return a negative result before participants can collect their number. The cost of this test is for the account of the participant and will be around R350.00. A participant is allowed to produce a negative result certificate/proof of a Rapid Antigen Test taken, BUT should not be older than 48 hours.
  • In the event that a participant shows a negative Rapid Antigen Test, but is displaying Covid-19 symptoms such as a fever or feeling unwell, the participant will be required to undergo a PCR Test with a negative result before they are allowed to register. This must be undertaken separately by the participant.


One race number per participant will be issued. Registered club runners must wear their Hemel en Aarde Marathon race number on the front of the vest, partially covering the ASA license, so that the ASA sponsor is still visible. Temporary license holders must pin the race number to the front of their vest. AGE GROUP TAGS Age category tags must be worn on the front and on the back of your vest, visible for the duration of the race.



Park your car at the Hermanus High School Centre and travel by luxury bus from Hermanus to the start in Caledon.

- Bus tickets was available at R120.00 when you entered for the Race.

- Buses will start leaving for the start from 03h30.

- Please move towards the waiting buses immediately after you arrived at the parking area.

- Please don't be late, and don’t forget your bus ticket. The last bus will depart at 04h45. - No busses available after the race to take athletes back to Caledon.


A staggered start will see runners setting off in seeded batched groups of 300, allowing for ample social distancing, every 2 minutes from 6h00.

Mat-to-mat timing will be used 


RUNNERS ONLY: Only runners wearing a valid 2022 Hemel en Aarde Marathon race number will be given access to the start and finish areas. Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions no spectators will be allowed.


Your FinishTime timing chip is attached to your race number. Please do not fold your race number as it will damage the chip. IMPORTANT! NO CHIP NO RESULT.


The Tog Bag facility will be at the start, on the Rugby Field of Overberg High School. Your bag will be labelled.


There are 15 water points along the route, approximately 3km apart up to 30km. From Km 32 to the finish the water point will be every 2km apart.

Water and Coke will be served at all points. All crew including water point staff will be kitted out with PPE. Sanitizer stands will be available at each water point.


The road between Caledon and Hermanus will be fully closed.

Unfortunately no spectators will be allowed on route. 

There will be buses roaming the route, as well as sweep buses collecting runners from the cut-off point. Runners may not continue after a cut-off has been implemented.

Cut-off point: 21km – 3hours


ER24 are the event’s official medical partners. There are three medical points along the route.


Parking tickets for Overberg Primary School at the start are available and will be sold at registration for R50. Please plan your trip and parking in advance. Do not park illegally or on the race route as your vehicle will be towed away.

  • Please arrive early to avoid congestion


Parking tickets for Hermanus High School at the Finish are available and will be sold at registration for R50. Please plan your trip and parking in advance. Do not park illegally or on the race route as your vehicle will be towed away.

  • Please arrive early to avoid congestion


Prize money will be verified by Race Referees via the FinishTime electronic timing system, based on Mat to Mat time. 

Prize money will be deposited into category winner’s bank accounts

  • Men/Ladies                            1st Place = R 2000

                                                          2nd Place = R 1500

                                                          3rd Place = R 1000

  • Veteran Men/Ladies               1st Place = R 750

                                                           2nd Place = R 500

                                                           3rd Place = R 250

  • Master Men/Ladies                1st Place = R 500

                                                          2nd Place = R 300

                                                          3rd Place= R 200

  • Grand Master Men/Ladies     1st Place = R 500

                                                           2nd Place = R 300

                                                           3rd Place = R 200

Hemel & Aarde Marathon 2022

Event has been Closed

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Class Distance Start Time Price (pp)
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42.2 km 06:00 R 350.00

Event location
Overberg High School, Caledon, Caledon

Coordinates -34.2259521, 19.4252529
Address Overberg High School, Caledon
City Caledon
Province Western Cape

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