Barriers Stages
Fri 10 Jun - Tue 14 Jun 2022 @ Prince`s Grant Golf Estate, KwaZulu-Natal

The Hatchery

What it is: Barriers Stages is a self-supported adventure ride of 330km(108hrs cutoff) & run of 90km(60hrs) through Zululand. Choose from the accommodation options, whether to tackle the full route or one of the stages, and how many days to take. It's YOUR adventure!  

When and Where: 10 June 2022 7am Princes Grant Golf Club - Registration and Briefing 09 June 4-6pm

Included: GPX tracks. Negotiated accommodation options. Optional: Car Shuttle Service to finish, Bag Shuttle to end of each stage

Need to know: The Barriers route has no markings, athletes are responsible for their own gear, navigation, nutrition, and tracking. Between small villages the route includes river crossings, beach traverse, steep, overgrown, and rutted cattle, jeep and single track, as well as open district road for limited relief. Run 4-6, ride 8-15 hours per stage. The barriers is a great gateway event to test the waters and expand your adventure ambitions or just finsihing is an achievement in itself.


Stage1 Princes Grant to Tugela Mouth 

Stage2 Tugela Mouth to Hatchery

Stage3 Hatchery to Mtunzini


Stage1 Princes Grant to Mtunzini

Stage2 Mtunzini to Kwambonombi

Stage3 Kwambonombi to St Lucia

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone" - Neale Donald Walsch.

Rules: By entering athletes confirm that they understand what is required in terms of training, safety, technical expertise and contingency planning. Athletes are responsible for their own hydration and nutrition planning and should be familiar with and understand the principles of the race beforehand. Semi-supported athletes may have seconders join them at the end of each stage while self-supported athletes may only make use of outside assistance available to all participants. Athletes must participate in groups of two or more and should wear high viz kit at all times. Athletes will be required to have live the MySOS, Whatsapp Live Location and Racemap apps for the duration of the race. Athletes must record participation on Strava for verification purposes. Completion time will be recorded on receipt of a clear picture of the athlete at the finish and is at the race director's discretion.

More information:

Images of the event
The Hatchery

Classes and pricing
Available classes for the event

Class Distance Start Time Price (pp)
Ride Stages1-5
Entry includes gpx track. Princes Grant to St Lucia
360 km 07:00 R 1,500.00
Run Stages1-3
Entry includes gpx track. Princes Grant to Mtunzini
80 km 07:05 R 900.00
Ride Stage1
Entry includes gpx track. Princes Grant to Hatchery
50 km 07:10 R 300.00
Run Stage1
Entry includes gpx track. Princes Grant to Tugela
25 km 07:15 R 300.00
Ride Stage2
Entry includes gpx track. Hatchery to Mtunzini
55 km 07:20 R 300.00
Run Stage2
Entry includes gpx track. Tugela to Hatchery
25 km 07:25 R 300.00
Ride Stage3
Entry includes gpx track. Mtunzini to Ntambanana
80 km 07:30 R 300.00
Run Stage3
Entry includes gpx track. Hatchery to Mtunzini
30 km 07:35 R 300.00
Ride Stage4
Entry includes gpx track. Ntambanana to Kwambonombi
95 km 07:40 R 300.00
Ride Stage5
Entry includes gpx track. Kwambonombi to St Lucia
80 km 07:50 R 300.00
Run - Car Shuttle
Car Shuttle to MAC Club 12 June
80 km 12:00 R 500.00
Ride - Car Shuttle
Car Shuttle to St Lucia Ski Boat Club 14 June
360 km 12:00 R 1,000.00

Event location
Princes Grant Golf Course, Prince`s Grant Golf Estate

Coordinates -29.3393, 31.3747
Address 1 Babu Bodasing Avenue, New Guelderland, 4480
City Prince`s Grant Golf Estate
Province KwaZulu-Natal