Curro College Cross - Triathlon & Duathlon#1
Sun 4 Sep 2022 @ Pretoria, Gauteng

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Important Information:

- Registration and late line entries will be open from 07:00am @Curro College Hazeldean. 

- This event is a time trial format. (First Come, first serve format.)

- Start will be at Curro College and Finish will be at the Cowhouse.

- Remember you will first need to register at Curro College on arrival from 07:00.  After you have registered at Curro, drive to the Cowhouse.

- We suggest that you park your car at the Cowhouse, pack all your running gear in Transition 2 and cycle back to Curro College with your bicycle, cycling gear and swim gear. (Please only bring the minimal required gear as you will be cycling on route from Transition 1 at Curro College to Cowhouse.)

- Expect it to be very quiet at the Cowhouse so early. Your transition 2 will be at the end of the Cowhouse shed on the right side of the grass. Please look for the transition racks. 

- You will need to place your running gear there and return to Curro College for your race start at 08:00.

- When arriving back at Curro Hazeldean rack your bicycle and cycling gear in Transition 1 on the sports field and proceed to the pool for your start.

Triathlon Sprint/Super Sprint

- Please make sure that your cycling gear is at (Transition 1 Curro College) and running gear (Transition 2 Cowhouse) before your start.

- BIGGER Items left at Curro Hazeldean after your swim will be left in Transition 1 for your own collection. SMALLER items can be placed in a small bag and be handed to the time keeper. 

- Tip (some people have done before ) - We suggest you bring a small draw string bag with you so that once you are done with the swim, you can place your Swimming gear in a bag and cycle with it on the Cycle leg.

-The Venue, Trail operators, Employees and Companies involved will not be held liable for any injury, sickness, theft or loss occurred before, during or after entering the Venue


- Swim 375 Meters at Curro College indoor swimming pool.

- Each swimmer will start on the Lap counters orders. Please make sure the Lap Counter has written down your chip number on the Lap sheet correctly.

- Every lane will be assigned a lap counter to assist with the counting. A red card will be shown to each swimmer on their last lap.

- Swimmer exit the pool to Transition 1 and continue onto the next discipline of the event.

- Transition 1 @Curro College (Bike)


- Bike 21 Km off road, jeep and single track

- Please follow the signs on the bike route.

- You will finish at Transition 2 @Cowhouse for your final discipline of the triathlon (Run).


- Run 4.5 Km on Hazeldean Valley Trails 

- Please follow the strings on the run route  

- Finish @Cowhouse, and collect your race goodie bag.

-Triathlon Super Sprint:

Swim 100m

Bike 10km

Run 2.1km

Start 09:00

Duathlon Sprint/Super Sprint

- Duathlon Sprint:

Run1 1.25km 

Bike 21km

***Run2 4.5km

Start 08:00

- Duathlon Super Sprint:

Run1 1.25

Bike 10km

**Run2 2.11km

Start 09:00

Prize giving

-    Prize giving will take place as soon as our last competitor has crossed the finish line. We have some fun goodies to give away!

Your Entry Includes: 

- Live timing done by BoutTime

- Access to the venues and trails

- Earn Vitality & Multiply points 

- Choice between Finisher Medal or Craft Beer 

- Waterpoints 

What else will be there: 

- Secure Parking at Cowhouse

- Food Stalls

- Craft Stalls 

- Hazeldean Brewing Company 

- Children playing area 

- Entertainment 

Triathlon Rules

  • Athletes who litter on the trails or race village will immediately be disqualified;
  • Good sportsmanship which means no pushing, shoving or swearing towards anyone on the trails and at the race village;
  • Organiser's decision is final;
  • Any appeals must be in writing and will require proof of a GPS file which will be checked on the day;
  • Participants shall behave politely towards each other, all race staff, land owners, marshalls, medics and everyone involved, and abide by the organiser's guidance and instructions.
  • Athletes that are slower and that are being passed, must make way to the left. When overtaking another runner/walker it must be done 2 meters on the right-hand side.
Team information
This event supports team entries for certain classes, but teams must consist of 2 participants per team.

Classes and pricing
Available classes for the event

Class Distance Start Time Price (pp)
Tri-Sprint : Swim 375m | MTB 21 Km | Trail Run 4.5 Km 24.8 km 08:00 R 350.00
Duathlon Sprint: 1.25 Km Trail Run | 21 Km MTB | 4.5 Km Trail Run. 24.3 km 08:00 R 200.00
Enter for all 5 Tri-Sprint (Series Entry)
20% off
24.8 km 08:00 R 1,625.00
Enter for all 5 - Duathlon Sprint (Series Entry)
20% off
24.3 km 08:00 R 875.00
Tri-Super Sprint : Swim 100m | MTB 10 Km | Trial Run 2.1 Km 12.2 km 09:00 R 200.00
Duathlon Super Sprint : 1.25 Km Trail Run | 10km MTB | 2.1 Km Trail Run 12.2 km 09:00 R 150.00

Event location
Hazeldean Valley Trails, Pretoria

Coordinates -25.7815771, 28.3870914
Address Silver Lakes rd Extension past Curro
City Pretoria
Province Gauteng

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