Curro College Cross - Triathlon & Duathlon#4
Sun 27 Nov 2022 @ Pretoria, Gauteng

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Important Information:

Registration and late line entries will be open from 07:00am @Curro College Hazeldean. 

- This event is a time trial format.

Start will be at Curro College and Finish will be at the Cowhouse.

Remember you will first need to register at Curro College on arrival from 07:00am.  After you have registered at Curro, drive to the Cowhouse.

Duathlon Sprint/Super Sprint

We suggest that you park your car at the Cowhouse, pack all your gear and cycle back to Curro College. (Please only bring the minimal required gear as you will be cycling on route from Transition 1 at Curro College to Transition 2 Cowhouse.)

Triathlon Sprint/Super Sprint

We suggest that you park your car at the Cowhouse, pack all your running gear in Transition 2 and cycle back to Curro College with your bicycle, cycling gear and swim gear. (Please only bring the minimal required gear as you will be cycling on route from Transition 1 at Curro College to Cowhouse.)

- Expect it to be very quiet at the Cowhouse so early. Your transition 2 will be at the end of the Cowhouse shed on the right side of the grass. Please look for the transition racks. 

- You will need to place your running gear there and return to Curro College for your race start at 08:00/08:45

- When arriving back at Curro Hazeldean rack your bicycle and cycling gear in Transition 1 on the sports field and proceed to the pool for your start.

Triathlon Sprint/Super Sprint

- Please make sure that your cycling gear is at (Transition 1 Curro College) and running gear (Transition 2 Cowhouse) before your start.

- BIGGER Items left at Curro Hazeldean after your swim will be left in Transition 1 for your own collection. SMALLER items can be placed in a small bag.

- Tip (some people have done before ) - We suggest you bring a small draw string bag with you so that once you are done with the swim, you can place your Swimming gear in a bag and cycle with it on the Cycle leg.

-The Venue, Trail operators, Employees and Companies involved will not be held liable for any injury, sickness, theft or loss occurred before, during or after entering the Venue


- Swim Lengths at Curro College indoor swimming pool.

- Each swimmer will start on the Lap counters orders. Please make sure the Lap Counter has written down your chip number on the Lap sheet correctly.

- Every lane will be assigned a lap counter to assist with the counting. A red card will be shown to each swimmer on their last lap.

- Swimmer exit the pool to Transition 1 and continue onto the next discipline of the event.

- Transition 1 @Curro College (Bike)


- Bike off road, jeep and single track

- Please follow the signs on the bike route.

- You will finish at Transition 2 @Cowhouse for your final discipline of the triathlon (Run).


- Run on Hazeldean Valley Trails 

- Please follow the strings on the run route  

- Finish @Cowhouse, and collect your medal.

Duathlon Sprint/Super Sprint

-Tri Sprint: R350

Swim 375m(17 lengths)

Bike 21km

Run 5km

Start 08:00

-Tri Super Sprint: R200

Swim 100m(4 Lengths)

Bike 10km

Run 2.5km

Start 08:45

-Duathlon Sprint: R200

Run1 - 1.25km 

Bike - 21km

Run2 - 5km

Start 08:00

- XDuathlon Super Sprint: R150

Run1 - 1.25

Bike - 10km

Run2 - 2.5km

Start 08:45

Prize giving

-    Prize giving will take place as soon as our last competitor has crossed the finish line. We have some fun goodies to give away!

Your Entry Includes: 

- Live timing done by BoutTime

- Access to the venues and trails

- Earn Vitality & Multiply points 

- Finisher Medal 

- Waterpoints 

What else will be there: 

- Secure Parking at Cowhouse

- Food Stalls

- Craft Stalls 

- Hazeldean Brewing Company 

- Children playing area 

- Entertainment 

Triathlon Rules

  • Athletes who litter on the trails or race village will immediately be disqualified;
  • Good sportsmanship which means no pushing, shoving or swearing towards anyone on the trails and at the race village;
  • Organiser's decision is final;
  • Any appeals must be in writing and will require proof of a GPS file which will be checked on the day;
  • Participants shall behave politely towards each other, all race staff, land owners, marshalls, medics and everyone involved, and abide by the organiser's guidance and instructions.
  • Athletes that are slower and that are being passed, must make way to the left. When overtaking another runner/walker it must be done 2 meters on the right-hand side.
Team information
This event supports team entries for certain classes, but teams must consist of 2 participants per team.
Curro College Cross - Triathlon & Duathlon#4

Event has been Closed

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Classes and pricing
Available classes for the event

Class Distance Start Time Price (pp)
Tri-Sprint : Swim 375m | MTB 21 Km | Trail Run 5 Km 26.3 km 08:00 R 350.00
Duathlon Sprint: 1.25 Km Trail Run | 21 Km MTB | 5 Km Trail Run. 26.1 km 08:00 R 200.00
Tri-Super Sprint : Swim 100m | MTB 10 Km | Trial Run 2.5 Km 12.6 km 08:45 R 200.00
Duathlon Super Sprint 1.25 Km Trail Run | 10km MTB | 2.5 Km Trail Run 12.2 km 08:45 R 150.00

Event location
Hazeldean Valley Trails, Pretoria

Coordinates -25.7815771, 28.3870914
Address Silver Lakes rd Extension past Curro
City Pretoria
Province Gauteng

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