Waterfall City Half Marathon
Sun 7 Aug 2022 @ Midrand, Gauteng

Chamberlain’s Timekeeping


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Online Entries Closing Date

 28 July 2022

Race Enquiries

[email protected]

Race Rules

1. The event is held under the rules of ASA and CGA and any regulations in place on the day of the race. It is the athlete’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations.

2. Athletes indemnify the national, provincial, and regional bodies, sponsors, and organizers of the race against any or all actions of whatsoever nature, whatever the same may arise out of their participation in the race.

3. All athletes participate at their own risk. Athletes acknowledge by entering the event that they are medically fit to participate. 

4. Licensed athletes participating in the 10 and 21km distances must wear club colours and their 2022 license number back and front, on the upper body of the garment and the issued race number worn on the front of vest without concealing the sponsors names. Licensed athletes who do not wear their 2022 license numbers must purchase a temporary license on the day or face disqualification.

5. Temporary licensed athletes to wear plain clothing with the issued temporary license on the back of their vest.

6. Athletes competing for category prizes must wear clearly visible age tags of the appropriate size, on the back and front of their running vest.

7. Walkers competing for Walkers prizes (if any) must wear Walker tags on the front and back of their running vest and adhere to IAAF rule 230.

8. No blades, cyclist or mechanically operated devices allowed in the race

9. No 2, 3 or 4 wheel carts/prams which are mechanically or manually operated by participants, or wheelchairs athletes will be permitted to participate without special permission has been granted from the race organiser. All such participants MUST start at the back of the field.

10. No animals/pets are allowed to participate.

11. Minimum age 9 years (5km), 14 years (10km) and 16 years (21.1km)

12. All instructions from traffic and race officials must be obeyed at all times.

13. The race committee reserves the right to accept or reject any entry.

14. No seconding allowed.

15. Waterpoints / hydration stations will be available approximately every 3 kilometres on the route.

16. Proof of age for prize winners is required and must be presented to the referees before prize

giving. Prizes will be withheld until all the necessary details of the winners are confirmed.

17. Only those who have completed all the information required in the race entry/number are eligible for prizes.

18. No refunds of race entry fees. No Refunds will be given should the physical event be cancelled due to Covid-19, however the event will change to a virtual event.

19. No earphones, iPods and the like allowed and contravention of IAAF rule 144.2b, may lead to


20.The race will be timed by CHAMBERLAIN'S TIMEKEEPING. Each athlete will be given a race number with disposable CHIP on the front your race number. - NO RACE NUMBER - NO PRIZE.

21. Athletes may not run with another athlete’s race number unless they have done substitution which will be granted through a formal process informed by the race organizer.

22. Licensed athletes not wearing club colours may face disqualification.

Race Timing and Results 

All 3 distances will be timed by Chamberlain’s Timekeeper powered by FinishTime using a timing chip attached to participant’s race number. All distances will be timed gun to mat. Results will be available on https://results.finishtime.co.za

Race Support and Facilities 

Plenty of safe parking space will be available at Mall of Africa.

Water points will be available every 3 km.

Race Pack Collection

Race packs can be collected at the below location and times:

▪ Friday, 05 August 2022, between 17h00 – 20h00 at the Mall of Africa, Waterfall Park

▪ Saturday 06 August 2022, between 09h00 – 16h00 at the Mall of Africa, Waterfall Park

▪ Race day, 07 August 2022, between 04h30 – 05h30 at the Mall of Africa, Waterfall Park

Prize Money

Coming soon. Watch this space

Entries Closing Date

Online entries close on 28 July 2022.

Race enquiries

[email protected]




5km Route Map


10km Route Map


21km Route Map 



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Waterfall City Half Marathon 2022 – 21km Route Map.gpx

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Waterfall City Half Marathon 2022 – 5km Route Map.gpx


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Waterfall City Half Marathon 2022 – 21km Route Map


Waterfall City Half Marathon 2022 – 10km Route Map


Waterfall City Half Marathon 2022 – 5km Route Map


Waterfall City Half Marathon

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Classes and pricing
Available classes for the event

Class Distance Price (pp)
21.1km Half Marathon

Free T-shirts to 1st 200 paid 21.1km entrants!

21.1 km R 220.00 + 12.65
10 km Race 10 km R 150.00 + 8.63
5 km Race 5 km R 80.00 + 4.60

Event location
Waterfall Park, Mall of Africa, Midrand

Coordinates -26.0166925, 28.1059701
Address Waterfall Parkrun, Waterfall City, Midrand, South Africa
City Midrand
Province Gauteng

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