Namaqua X Challenge
Sat 15 Oct 2022, 07:00 @ Strandfontein, Western Cape

Quantum Adventures

NOTE: For "detailed and complete info" for all event options, Please visit the Organizer's web site- Quantum Adventures 

Namaqua X Challenge - 23km paddle / 11km run/20km Mtb

Saturday, 15 October 2022

Entry options:

  • Solos - R1650.00 [You can paddle in a double boat but will not be eligible for podium positions, in that case]
  • Relay team of 3 - R1845.00 per relay team
  • Paddle only - R680.00

Entry fees includes: 

  • Delicious West Coast "Potjie" meal, after the event! [Friends, supporters can pre order/pre pay online at the same time you enter for the event]
  • Branded race cap
  • Namaqua wine
  • Maskam Brewery beer
  • Finish line, timber coaster - each one is unique
  • Local band playing at finish venue
  • Free access to event/race images - for personal use only
  • Lekker Weskus vibes!

Race info:

The race starts with the 23km paddle on the Olifants River with the end of the paddle below Papendorp Fisherman village, followed by the 11km coastal run - at low tide - to Strandfontein Horse-shoe [Perdeskoen] camp terrain, followed by a circular, 20km Mtb leg. The Mtb finish back at the camp terrain.

K1 / K2 / Surfskis. Sea kayaks will only be allowed if  it has a steerable rudder and in that case, you will be required to start 45 minutes earlier - 7h15. No exceptions.

No rapids or rocks on the river The river is tidal, pristine and clean. The tides are taken into account to ensure the best possible paddling and beach run conditions. If you paddle in a K2 as 2 solos doing the “Tri Challenge”, you cannot be considered for a “podium” position, should that occur. There will be a R2,000.00 “hot-spot” prize on the paddle leg for the 1st solo/K1 Male and Female paddler [each].

  • 8h00 - paddle, mass start. It is a 37km drive from Strandfontein > paddle put-in. See the section further below with directions "to and from" which you can auto send to your smart phone.
  • Share vehicles where possible. We will also have a mini-bus available for paddlers to fetch their vehicles after the race.

See below, tidal table for 15 October for that coastal area. 

Directions to and from:


  • 23km river paddle
  • 11km run. Altitude gain - 125m. The run will take you from the end of the paddle - T1 [Transition 1] - on a single and jeep estuary track to the Olifants River mouth [Papendorp]. From here, you follow the coast - South -  along the hard sand, rocky crossings [low tide] and below the cliffs. This is another spectacular section. You will finish the run at T2 - The Strandfontein Campsite / Caravan Park.   
  • 20km Mtb. Altitude gain - 250m. The circular route is on existing mtb trails as well as jeep track, above the cliffs overlooking the ocean.

Expected, average times. Based on fair weather conditions:

  1. Paddle leg - 2hr00min
  2. Run leg - 1hr20min
  3. Mtb leg - 1hr40min

Add to this the two transition times which should not take you longer than 30 mins in total.

Compulsory equipment:

  1. Paddle: K1, K2 or surf-ski, paddle, PFD [life jacket], hydration, cell phone, wind-shell [no pfd no paddle]
  2. Run: Hydration, whistle, space blanket, basic first aid kit [ankle strapping, wound dressing, bandage, triangular bandage, anti inflammatory tablets] cell phone, wind-shell
  3. Mountain bike: Mountain bike, helmet and the same kit as per the run leg, above. Remember hydration.

In case of rain: You will be required to bring a 100% rain/waterproof jacket with long sleeves with you to the race. If the weather looks anything like raining, you will be required to take this with you. In this case, you can leave the wind-shell. Just a note on the paddling leg. In case of cold and/or rainy conditions and/or windy conditions - you will get very cold on the water! Tights are a good idea and even rain pants, if it is really cold/wet/windy - especially for slower paddlers/novices.

Route marking:

  • Paddle - The take-out channel will be marked with feather banners.
  • Run - The first 2-3km will be marked. After that you follow the coast to T2. This last section will be obvious as there will be a marshal on the beach to show you the way to T2 - visible from the beach.
  • Mtb - will be marked at all the turn-offs and gpx track for a gps will be sent to all participants before the event. A combination of red arrows and white lime on the surface.


There will be a compulsory check in and check out at each transition.

  • There is no drinking water at the start - please ensure you sort hydration out before you get to the start.
  • T1 will have fresh water in containers.
  • Fresh water water and ablutions at T2/ Finish - Strandfontein Horse-shoe camp terrain.

More information:

Team information
This event supports team entries for certain classes, but teams must consist of 3 participants per team.

Classes and pricing
Available classes for the event

Class Distance Start Time Price (pp) 3 person team (pp)
Namaqua X Paddle only
32KM Paddle
23 km 07:30 R 680.00 -
Namaqua X SOLO VET FEMALE [age 40-49]
paddle, run, mtb
54 km 09:00 R 1,650.00 -
Namaqua X relay [3 competitors in a team]
paddle - run - mtb
54 km 09:30 - R 615.00
Namaqua X SOLO SENIOR MALE [age 16-39]
paddle, run, mtb
54 km 09:30 R 1,650.00 -
Namaqua X SOLO SENIOR FEMALE [age 16-39]
paddle, run, mtb
54 km 09:30 R 1,650.00 -
Namaqua X SOLO VET MALE [age 40-49]
paddle, run, mtb
54 km 09:30 R 1,650.00 -
Namaqua X SOLO MASTER MALE [age 50+]
paddle, run, mtb
54 km 09:30 R 1,650.00 -
Namaqua X SOLO MASTER FEMALE [age 50+]
paddle, run, mtb
54 km 09:30 R 1,650.00 -

Event location

Route information


Coordinates -31.75470432731, 18.228204985237
City Strandfontein
Province Western Cape