Klein Karoo Gravel Corridor Challenge Series - Ladismith
Sun 7 May 2023 @ Montagu, Western Cape

Makadas Adventures


The Klein Karoo Gravel Corridor Challenge Series initiative is to bring exposure to the Klein Karoo Gravel Corridor. These are gravel roads that link the small towns of the Klein Karoo to each other much like the R62 does. We are busy adding events to the series and choose the best option routes on these sections of gravel to do so. These are only gravel roads, no jeep track and in essence a gravel event, suited for gravel bikes

  • 7th May 2023 Ladismith
  • 19th November 2023 Montagu

Klein Karoo Gravel Corridor Challenge – Ladismith

Point to Point 49km:       Sanbona to Montagu

49km Start                      Sanbona Wildlife Reserve

Point to Point route:       Ladismith to Montagu

150km Start:                   Oaksrest Guest Farm

95km Start                      Prinspoort Guest Farm

All Finish at:                   Tafelkop Dried Fruit - Saaikamer

Distances:                      50km, 95km & 150km

Start times:                    150km & 95km at 07:00

                                         49km at 08:30

Kortpad - Shortcut:           49km          457m ascent

Middelpad - Middle Way   95km          1002m ascent       1166m descent

Langpad - Long Way:       150km:        1352m ascent       1582m descent

Cut-off Times at the Finish-Line:   Calculation Basis:>  Average 15km per hour + 1 hour

49km cut-off at 14:00 on the finish line

95km cut-off at 15:30 on the finish line

150km cut-off at 18:00 on the finish line

Route info 95km & 150km:  This route is point-to-point and not circular.  It is very scenic with many changes in terrain and vegetation.  It starts out on the outskirts of Ladismith and passes a few small farms with livestock before it moves on into the game reserve areas where wildlife is abundant.  Not far out of Ladismith, life slows down significantly and you might encounter a donkey cart, a herd of goats crossing the road, a very old tractor preparing a small patch of land…life is slower and less complicated out here.  When you get to the top of the plateau, the landscape opens up to the vast beauty of the Klein Karoo and here is where you might encounter: Kudu, Gemsbuck, Eland and many other smaller game.

Route info 50km addition to the Klein Karoo Gravel Corridor Challenge 7th May 2023:

Start: 8:30 am

Start location: Intersection at Eyerpoort Nature Reserve and Sanbona Wildlife Reserve 33°40'12.5"S 20°32'23.7"E

Finish: Saaikamer Montagu 33°47'27.7"S 20°10'42.9"E 

Route:  No serious climbs on this route but rather a gradual climb to the summit of Ouberg at 28km, from there it is downhill to the finish line, stunning route for a morning out in the Klein Karoo with the chances of seeing wildlife (even an elephant) very good.

Ascent:  457m        Race cut-off: 14:00

A 50km Fun ride has been added to the current 150 and 100km race distances for this event.

The 50km shares the last section of the race distances but will start 90min later, this will give the participants the opportunity to get to the start venue the morning of the event, BUT more importantly give them the chance to "jump the gun" on the racing riders coming from behind.  There will be no prizes for 1,2nd 3rd place but there will be timing, sharing a waterpoint and lucky draw prizes. (only for the finishers of the 50km)

Great Finishing venue with food from the Saaikamer bakery and restaurant, bring cash and swimming cozie (if you are brave enough)

Categories: Gravel or mountain bikes (e-Bikes only allowed on the 95km terms apply)

Entry fees:

150km Langpad-Longway:

Early Bird:              1st Jan to 31st Jan 2023:   @ R 650

After Early:             1st Feb to 5th May 2023:    @ R 750

Late Entries:           6th & 7th May 2023 onsite: @ R 850

95km Middelpad-Middle Way:

Early Bird:              1st Jan to 31st Jan 2023:   @ R 600

After Early:             1st Feb to 5th May 2023:    @ R 650

Late Entries:           6th & 7th May 2023 onsite: @ R 750

50km Kortpad - Short Way:

Online pre-entry:    3rd April to 5th May 2023:  @ R250

Late Entries:           6th & 7th May 2023 onsite: @ R 300

Water points:

150km         at 50km - 80km - 100km - 125km

95km           at 30km - 46km - 72km

50km           at 26km

What is included:

Great routes & water points, sweeper vehicle, medics, and a great vibe. ALSO getting the chance to participate in the whole series and possibly walking away with the series winner Title.  Complimentary beer or steri stumpi at the finish line.

Registration:  Sat 6th May 2023 from 14:00 to 19:00 at Oaksrest Guest Farm Ladismith

                               50km Registration Friday at Montagu Country Hotel

Venue:   Oaksrest Guest Farm has all the facilities from camping to luxury accommodation.

Your support:   getting your vehicle back to the finish line.  We propose that you “bribe” a friend or family member to help you out that weekend to get your vehicle back to the finish.

Backup Support:

No other support vehicles will be allowed on the route for the safety and enjoyment of the cyclists. Friends and family take the tar R62 back to Montagu or alternatively leave 30min before the cyclists and head back via the gravel road (10km shorter). Should a vehicle be found on the race-route, while the race is in progress and can be connected to a rider, that rider will be disqualified.  ….no arguments will be entered into…

Rules:> All participants agree to abide by the following rules:

1        General Rules applicable to all events and bikes:

1.1       ALL Official Federation Rules of the Sport will apply

1.2       Event-specific rules will apply, incl. cut-off times

1.3       Helmets are compulsory for any cycling route or stage

1.4       Participants must follow the full demarcated course

1.5       Keep left on any public roads and obey all traffic rules

1.6       Feeding & technical assistance only in designated zones, and if provided for

1.7       No littering at all & please respect private property

1.8       No outside assistance or following vehicles allowed on the route or at water points

1.9       Race Numbers may NOT be cut, holed, folded & no stickers may be added

1.10     Failure to adhere to the rules may lead to penalties and-or to disqualification

2        Specific e-Bike Rules:

2.1       These rules apply to any bike powered by any method other than purely human power and, for the purposes of                                                                                  these rules are referred to as e-Bikes

2.2       e-Bikes are allowed on the 95km route, but not on the 150km route

2.3       All e-Bikes start at the back of any start group or batch and, depending on course parameters & conditions, may                                                                                be subject to a batch delay after the last  batch of standard bikes have started.

2.4       e-Bikes may only ride with one battery, which is the one installed on the bike before the start. No spare                                                                                               batteries may be carried by the rider or any other rider in the race.

2.5       Charging of batteries during the race is not permitted at any time or place.

2.6       Outside support during the race at any point on the route is not permitted, and no rider may be supplied with a                                                                                  spare battery by anyone at any time. Support vehicles are not allowed on the race route

2.7       Non-compliance with these rules may result in Disqualification or a Did-Not-Finish ruling.

For more information, please visit the Event Website

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Makadas Adventures

Klein Karoo Gravel Corridor Challenge Series - Ladismith

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Classes and pricing
Available classes for the event

Class Distance Price (pp)
Langpad-Long Way
Early Bird: 1st Jan - 28th Feb 2023. Full Price: 1st March - 3rd May 2023
150 km Early Bird 01 Jan to 28 Feb 2023 R 750.00
95km Middelpad-Middle Way
Early Bird: 1st Jan - 28th Feb 2023. Full Price: 1st March - 3rd May 2023
95 km Early Bird 01 Jan to 28 Feb 2023 R 650.00
50km Kortpad - Short Way 50 km R 250.00

Event location
Tafelkop Dried Fruit - Saaikamer, Montagu

Coordinates -33.7907924, 20.1786379
Address Tafelkop Dried Fruit - Saaikamer - Montagu
City Montagu
Province Western Cape

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