SWASAP Ultra Marathon
Sat 18 Mar 2023 @ Bloemfontein, Free State

Event Entry

Manual Pre-Entry: Wednesday evening at Achilles Running Club 8 & 15 March 2022 (17h30 - 19h00) or email form to [email protected] with proof of payment

Final Entry: 15th to 17th March 2023 at Achilles Running Club (17h00 - 20h00)

Card facilities will be available

Number Collections: 15th to 17th March 2023 at Achilles Running Club (17h30 - 20h00)

Saturday before the race - only for online or pre-entries (i.e no registrations on race day)


  • 5km & 10km - 08:00
  • 21.1km - 09:00
  • 52km - 11:00
  • Appeal ruling within 30min after results are available


  • 5km Fun Run – R50
  • 5km FS Trials - R100
  • 10km Road Race - R150
  • 21.1km Half Marathon - R180
  • 52km Ultra Marathon - R250
  • Online entries will close on 14 Mar


  • 52km - 05:30
  • 21km – 05:45
  • 10km – 06:00
  • 5km - 06:15


  • Event Organizer – Wayne (082 440 4229)
  • Technical Official – Johan (082 457 7605)
  • Safety Officer – Tumahole (072 060 6647)


  • Permanent 2023 ASA licence number needed for 52km (no tempary licences)
  • Permanent 2023 ASA licence number or 2023 Temporary licence must be purchased with entry for 21.1km and 10km
  • Every finisher will receive a medal; waterpoints every 3km's; Route description - in and out, flat route
  • Distance markers and route boards every kilometre; Direction arrows, boards and road markings on the route itself
  • Participants must familiarise themselves with the route on the participating distance to be run
  • Wearing of age bib compulsory and must be visible
  • Parking is available but at own risk/responsibility
  • Toilets, dressing rooms and showers are available; Sleeping facilities are not available
  • Gazebo areas for clubs are available but tog bag facilities are not available
  • Route maps of the different distances will be available at the entry table, on our Facebook page, on our website or can also be requested
  • Leading vehicles for first men and women in the different distances; For 5km Fun Run, 1 leading car
  • Cut-off times: 52km - 6h30m, 21.1km - 3hrs, 10km - 2hrs and 5km Fun Run- 1hr
  • Medical services available at the finish line and roaming the route
  • Runners must observe all Health and Safety Regulations
  • No earphones (except hearing aids), pets or prams or any electronical devised are permitted 
  • More information and race updates at https://www.facebook.com/bloemachilles and https://www.bloemachilles.co.za


  • The race is held under the rules of WA, ASA and AFS; 
  • Athletes indemnify the national, provincial and regional bodies, sponsors and organisers of the race against any or all actions of whatsoever nature, whatever the same may arise out of their participation in the race; 
  • All athletes participate at their own risk; 
  • Athletes acknowledge that by entering the event they are medically fit to participate; 
  • All athletes must supply the name and contact number of their next of kin on both the race number and entry form; 
  • Licensed athletes must wear club colours and the 2023 licence number on the back and front of their vest with the race number worn on the front of the vest. Note that the race number may not cover the ASA and sponsor logos at the top of the 2023 license; 
  • Temporary Licenses will be available for R70 - to be worn in front; 
  • No insurance coverage on Temporary licence; 
  • No seconding allowed, sufficient water points are provided - every 3km's - water and Energade / Own water bottles can be used to refill at the water points; 
  • No blades, cyclists or mechanically operated devices allowed in the race; 
  • Foreign athletes are to comply with ASA rules; 
  • Wheelchair athletes will not be permitted to participate; 
  • No animals / pets are allowed to participate/accompany an athlete; 
  • Minimum age participation 10km -15 years, 21.1km -16 years, 52km- 20 years; 
  • Fun run/walk - Children under 9 to be under full supervision of parent/guardian; 
  • Winners to provide all information to race organizer; 
  • Prize money will be paid on the day of the event and the winner will be required to sign a payment document; 
  • All winners need to show proof of identity - ID book, passport, drivers licence or birth certificate; 
  • No prize money will be paid if random drug testing was done on any distance on the day of the event, up to such time as ASA receives the results from the South African Institution for Drug Free Sport (SAIDFS); 
  • No refunds will be given once an entry is purchased or in the event that the race is cancelled due to reasons outside the organisers control; 
  • Athletes may not run with another athlete’s race number; 
  • No earphones (except hearing aids), pets or prams or any electronical devised are permitted as they are in contravention of Rule-T6.3.2 and will lead to disqualification; 
  • The race organiser retains the right to refuse entry and reject persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol, who are disorderly, or engage in inappropriate behaviour, vandalism or evade paying for admission; 
  • Athletes who participate without buying a race entry will be disqualified, will not be entitled to any benefits associated with the race and will be liable for a double entry fee charge; 
  • Runners who allow their race number to be duplicated will be held liable and will face AFS disciplinary with the possibility of a ban; 
  • Habitual offenders will be subjected to AFS disciplinary steps; 
  • Athletics FS Green Race - littering is not allowed; Make use of the recycling bins available at the water points; Athletes can be disqualified if they litter; 
  • Cut–off times for the event 52km - 6hrs30mins, 21.1km - 3hrs; 10km - 2hrs and 5km Fun Run - 1hr; Athletes will not be allowed to finish any distance’s race after the cut off time; 
  • No late starters will be allowed (later than 5mins from the group start time); 
  • Officials and Volunteers must be obeyed at all times; 
  • Results will be made available on www.chiptimer.co.za within 72hours; 
  • All participants must adhere to the Health and Safety Regulations.

Classes and pricing
Available classes for the event

Class Distance Price (pp)
52km Ultra Marathon
52km Ultra Marathon
52 km R 250.00
21.1km Half Marathon
21.1km Half Marathon
21.1 km R 180.00
21.1km Half Marathon with Temporary License
21.1km Half Marathon with Temporary License
21.1 km R 250.00
10km Road Race
10km Road Race
10 km R 150.00
10km Road Race with Temporary License
10km Road Race with Temporary License
10 km R 220.00
5km Fun Run
5km Fun Run
5 km R 50.00
5km Free State Trials
5km Free State Trials
5 km R 100.00

Event location
Bloemfontein Achilles Running Club, Bloemfontein

Coordinates -29.117377214932, 26.201394434358
Address At Horak Street, Bloemfontein
City Bloemfontein
Province Free State

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