The Hour MTB
Fri 9 Aug - Sun 11 Aug 2024 @ Pretoria, Gauteng


Join us for an exhilarating experience that pushes the boundaries of endurance and determination. Get ready to redefine your limits in lap racing—where the clock ticks, and your resolve is put to the test.


Discover the thrill of starting a new lap every hour, precisely on the dot, and challenge yourself to go the distance. Whether you opt for the MTB (Mountain Bike) adrenaline rush or prefer the Trail Run adventure, this event caters to your passion for endurance.

How Far Can You Go? The choice is yours: embrace the challenge for 6, 12, 24, 36, 48, or the ultimate 60 hours. Your body and mind will be your guides as you determine just how long you can persevere. Push beyond your limits and embark on a journey that tests not only your physical stamina but also your mental fortitude.

Event Details:

  • Date: August 9th to 11th, 2024
  • Race Format: Solo or Team—where camaraderie and individual grit merge to create an unforgettable experience.

Why Join? Experience lap racing in a whole new light—where endurance meets strategy and every hour marks a fresh challenge. Whether you're a seasoned endurance athlete or someone seeking a monumental personal challenge, this event promises an unforgettable journey.

A Dawn of Hope: Ride2Sunrise4Jace

Jace, a brave 4-year-old, was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia on April 1st this year—affecting only 3% of children worldwide. Despite undergoing chemotherapy, which has successfully reduced his cancer levels from 93% to 0.2%, Jace needs to reach 0% to achieve remission and prevent the cancer from returning. Unfortunately, his little body can no longer endure chemotherapy. Immunotherapy, the alternative treatment, costs R150,000 per session and is not fully covered by medical insurance. To support Jace's fight, his grandmother is undertaking the "Ride2Sunrise4Jace" with The Hour, aiming to complete as many laps as possible over 24 hours to raise the necessary funds.

Donate here:

Be a Part of the Ultimate Test: Mark your calendar and prepare to redefine your limits. Are you ready to embrace the challenge and push yourself beyond what you thought possible?

Race Village: The Cowhouse, Hazeldean Valley Trails, Pretoria, Gauteng

StartTime: Friday, 9 August at 07h00

Cut-off: after 60 hours on Sunday, 11 August 2024 at 19h00

Lap Distance: MTB - +-10 km | Trail Run - 4.2km

Minimum Laps to receive a medal: 5 laps

Terrain: Easy, flat trails. Single track and jeep track

Race Village Facilities: Toilets, charging points, crash zone (for power naps; own bedding to be supplied), food vendors, cash bar, and more.

Support Crew: Allowed in the race village but NOT on the route.


DistanceBlack Friday special till 16 DecemberChristmas Special till 31 DecemberEarly BirdSolo   entryTeam of twoTeam of three
60hrLess 20%Less 15%less 10% R   600,00 R         1 200,00 R 1 800,00
48hrLess 20%Less 15%less 10% R   480,00 R            960,00 R 1 440,00
36hrLess 20%Less 15%less 10% R   360,00 R            720,00 R 1 080,00
24hrLess 20%Less 15%less 10% R   240,00 R            480,00 R    720,00


 Solo entry only  

12hrLess 20%Less 15%less 10% R   200,00 n/a  n/a 
6hrLess 20%Less 15%less 10% R   180,00 n/a  n/a 

Starting Times:


DistanceStarting timelast man standing lap? Sudden death lap start
60hrFriday 07:00Sunday 19:00Sunday 20:00
48hrFriday 10:00Sunday 10:00Sunday 11:00
36hrFriday 07:00Saturday 19:00Saturday 20:00
24hrFriday 10:00Saturday 10:00Saturday 11:00
 Fun EventsStarting timeLast Lap
12hrSaturday 07:00Saturday 19:00No Sudden Death
6hrSaturday 13:00Saturday 19:00No Sudden Death

For any Further Inquiries contact Assie 0824530096

Team information
This event supports team entries for certain classes. Team sizes range from 2 - 3 participants per team.

Classes and pricing
Available classes for the event

Class Distance Price (pp)
60 HR MTB 10 km The distance is per lap R 600.00
36 HR MTB 10 km The distance is per lap R 360.00
48 HR MTB 10 km The distance is per lap R 480.00
24 HR MTB 10 km The distance is per lap R 240.00
Fun 12 HR MTB
Saturday 10 August 2024
10 km The distance is per lap R 200.00
Fun 6 HR MTB
Saturday 10 August 2024
10 km The distance is per lap R 180.00

Event location
Hazeldean Valley Trails, Pretoria

Coordinates -25.7815771, 28.3870914
Address Silver Lakes rd Extension past Curro
City Pretoria
Province Gauteng

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