Hike The Vines #1
Sun 10 Dec 2023 @ Stellenbosch, Western Cape

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After the success of the Run The Vines Trail Runs that started in 2015 the request and demand for hikes on these beautiful Wine Estates just became bigger and bigger. Runners that are not able to run the longer distances at our events are never able to see the spectacular views and scenery on these farms. I chatted to some of them and asked that if it was a shorter hike and not a run if they will then participate. The response was an overwhelming yes!! And so the idea of Hike The Vines was born.

Our 1st hike will take place at the spectacular Delvera Farm near Klapmuts that belongs to the Sperling Family who also owns Delheim Wines. The hike will be an introduction hike to Hike The Vines. We will launch our official hikes in the 1st week of Janaury 2024.


The hike will meander through the vineyards on the farm at Delvera before heading up some single track towards the top of Klapmutskop. Klapmutskop is part of the Greater Simonsberg Conservancy. Your hiking fee will also include a permit fee that we will pay towards the conservancy as well as the venue fee. Delvera is privately owned land. You can only hike on the trails in our organised hikes. 


One of the Conservancy’s gems is the indigenous Yellowwood and Wild Olive Forest on top of Klapmutskop. Klapmutskop is just 150 hectares in size but bursting with wildlife and rare gems. A massive fire in 2000 and the clearance of alien trees from the slopes of Klapmutskop led to the discovery on top of the mountain, of an indigenous yellowwood forest.

The Breederiver Yellowwood trees (Podocarpus elongates), some of which are 300 years-old, represent the southernmost patch of the species. The old yellowwoods frame your path by archways of branches. Miraculously surviving what nature’s served up over the years, this small indigenous forest acts as a stark reminder of why conservation is so essential.


Hikers will have the option to hike with Andreas who is a registered guide. He has a vast knowledge of the Fauna and Flora on Klapmutskop. He will also be able to inform you about the rock formations that you will find while hiking. Only 25 spots are available to hike with Andreas. This hike will take a little bit longer than the normal hike as he will be informing you about the biodiversity of Klapmutskop as you walk the trails.



This hike will be led by Lans and Mias who is the owners of the Hike the Vines. This is an informal hike where hikers will make their way to the top of Klapmutskop at their own pace. On top of Klapmutskop you will be able to enjoy the 360 degree majestic views of the region. From the Boland to Table Mountain. you will meander back to the venue at your own pace.


  • Your own backpack with refreshments.

After the hike Adele Toua who is the manager of the Greater Simonsberg Conservancy will be available for a chat with all the info about the conservancy and the work that they do in the region.

All hikers will receive a glass of Delheim Wine and a 350ml Manzi water after the hike. 

Hikers will be able to sit down on the grass area where some Delheim Wines and a cold beer will be on sale after the hike for you to enjoy.

Depending on the numbers we will also make Boerewors Rolls as there are now restaurant facilities at Delvera. You are welcome to make your way to Delheim for an amazing meal at their restaurant. Please book this online at Delheim.com. Info


Distance: 9.5km

Informative hike with Andreas  -  R350pp  - Start 7:15  -  Only 25 spots.

Kids under 12 hike for free. Kids must be accompanied by an adult.

Informal hike with Mias and Lans  -  R250pp  -  Only 50 spots.

Kids under 12 hike for free  -  Kids must be accompanied by an adult.

No littering!!!

The hikes will take you anything from 3 - 5hrs

Classes and pricing
Available classes for the event

Class Distance Price (pp) 25 person team (pp) 50 person team (pp)
Informal Hike
Hike at own pace with Mias.
9.5 km R 450.00 - R 250.00
Kids under 12
Kids 12 and younger hike for free.
9.5 km Free - -
Hike with Andreas
Informative hike with Andreas as your guide.
9.5 km R 550.00 R 350.00 -
Hike with Andreas Family Deal
Informative hike with Andreas as your guide.
9.5 km R 500.00 - -
Informal Hike Family Deal
Families with kids.
9.5 km R 400.00 - -

Event location
Delvera Farm, Stellenbosch

Coordinates 33, 18
Address Delvera Farm, R44 & Muldersvlei Road, South Africa
City Stellenbosch
Province Western Cape

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