Strandloper Trail run
Sat 17 Aug 2024 @ Cape Town, Western Cape

Quantum Adventures

200 PRE entries available for this Classic Coastal Adventure Run. 

Pre Registration and briefing:

  • Receive race number via email.
  • Final run info which includes your briefing, Indemnity and race number info, will be emailed to you on Wednesday, 14 August 2024. Please ensure your email will accept mail from [email protected]
  • Run starts at 7h00 [low tide[ from De Hoek, Noordhoek Beach. 
  • Finish – Camel Rock Restaurant, Scarborough

Tidal table for 17 August

ENTRY FEE: R400.00pp [Unchanged since 2022]


  • Branded run cap.
  • Custom made coffee coaster at finish.
  • a Cup of filter coffee at finish.
  • An egg/bacon roll [veg option also] at finish.
  • Free run images download after the event.
  • Lekker chilled music at the "Camel Rock" Restaurant at the finish - plenty space inside as well as a tent outside at the finish area which will be great in case of rain.

Each year, we encourage runners to collect any litter washed out by the ocean or otherwise – even if it just a few small items. It all helps. As always, Quantum Adventures will also employ 3 x individuals a few days before the run to collect litter off the coast in the Soetwater/Witsand area for an entire day.


For male and female.

  • MASTERS – 50yr plus
  • VET: 40 – 49yrs
  • SENIOR: 16 – 39yr

DISTANCE: 16km of fantastic coastal trail running! This is a linear run, so please ensure you share cars etc.

PS – It is your responsibility to sort out your return transport from Scarborough. Lift share/Uber/Noordhoek taxi etc.


See at the bottom of this page – route maps. We will also make the GPS track available to entrants and send the gpx files via email, 1 week before the run or for those who are "All Trails" subscribers, the link to the route. There will be some manned check-points on route. We will also have manned, security at places such as the Kakapo wreck and the Crayfish factory areas.

No water tables – you must be self-sufficient. There are toilets at the start [bottom of the new boardwalk - courtesy and efforts by Project Noordhoeked ] off  Longbeach, Kommetjie and the finish.

Basic route description:

  • Share vehicles and park in the back streets near the Beach - please do not park at the Beach Car Park. There are regulars who use the beach during the morning and it is only fair to allow them their access. A warm up trot to the start will do you no harm.
  • Starting at De Hoek, Noordhoek Beach. Passing Kakapo Wreck and across Kommetjie Beach.
  • At the start of Board-walk veering off into Lighthouse Rd to the Light house - there will be a marshal, recording your number [CP1]
  • Follow the red arrows and orange tags down Lighthouse road, toward the Lighthouse
  • The left entrance/boom will take you past the Lighthouse. Look out for the small foot path down to the right [just before you reach the locked gates]
  • Follow the path down to the rocky beach and turn left, behind/at the end of the fence and along the coast - basically "stay along the coast/DO NOT veer inland from this point.
  • Along the beach/path all the way to Witsand beach, cross the beach onto the Strandloper trail which is a grassy, rocky trail starting at the end of Witsand beach.
  • Exit the path in Misty Cliffs where the Marshal will indicate the route up and away from the beach/up the steps and onto the wide, gravel verge off the tarred section – this is a wide section of gravel. Stay on the "right side" of the road and on the wide gravel area.
  • DO NOT run on the tar road.
  • Stay on the right side of this very scenic section, all the way to Scarborough.
  • You can cross the tar road to the finish at the The Camel Rock restaurant.
  • PLEASE be mindful of traffic/cars/motorbikes/cyclists/other road users and people walking.
  • Exchange your arm band/tag for your coffee and breakfast roll.

Compulsory kit:

  • Waterproof rain jacket if it looks like rain. Windproof jacket, if absolutely no chance of rain.
  • Cellular phone
  • Hydration - you need to be self sufficient/no water tables/no plastic.
  • Mini first aid kit: stretch bandage, wound dressing, anti histamine tablets, anti inflammatory tablets, Tri-angular bandage, antiseptic cream.
  • Whistle
  • Space blanket


  • Earphone/other music prohibited during the run – it is for your own and other users’ safety
  • Emergency contact details will be given to each runner which must be kept with you on route
  • Carry a card with own personal contact details, medical aid details, blood group, emergency contact details, doctor etc
  • Assist other runners in need.
  • Partaking in these events is done so entirely at your own risk
  • The organizing bodies/employees/agents or any other persons/organizations/establishments or other personnel involved with the event shall not be liable for any damage, loss, theft, injury, accident or death suffered by any person, howsoever caused, prior to the event, during the event or after the event
  • In the event of a medical emergency, the organizing bodies/authorities will use their discretion and follow procedures deemed necessary for evacuation and /or medical assistance thereof
  • Stick to the existing trails only - no shortcuts.
  • Do not tamper with the vegetation.
  • Collect only litter
  • The run will be timed and each finisher will receive a hand made, coffee/drinks coaster with the race logo onto it.
  • Entries are only confirmed once proof of payment is received. No refund once entered with exception, below – less costs already incurred and Admin fees are charged for refunds at R150.00. No substitutions after 4 days before the run – Tuesday at noon, before the run.
  • Do NOT run if you are ill, have a history of heart and or other illness that may be detrimental to your health and/or if you have been ill a week to 10 days before the run. If you have entered in this case, we will need a Doctor’s certificate or similar to confirm the above to affect a refund – less costs already incurred by the race organizers.

We encourage you to make use of this free, safety/tracking App – mySOS SA app available for Android and Apple devices on Play Store. Please familiarise yourself with how it works.

Great Vibes!

More information:

Classes and pricing
Available classes for the event

Class Distance Start Time Price (pp)
Masters Male 16 km 07:15 R 400.00
Masters Female 16 km 07:15 R 400.00
VET MALE 16 km 07:15 R 400.00
Vet Female 16 km 07:15 R 400.00
Senior Male 16 km 07:15 R 400.00
Senior Female 16 km 07:15 R 400.00

Event location
De Hoek, Noordhoek Beach, Cape Town

Coordinates -34.097052889732, 18.352935751057
Address De Hoek, Noordhoek Beach, Noordhoek, South Peninsula, Cape Town
City Cape Town
Province Western Cape

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