Amashova Tour
Wed 16 Oct - Mon 21 Oct 2024 @ Kempton Park, Gauteng

Drake Events

Cycle tours have been redefined.  For the fourth year of hosting the Amashova Tour, Drake Events present to you a tour that is full of value, safety and class.  The Amashova Tour  will be challenging in distance but truly spectacular in memories and achievement.  Join us on this five day, five night tour to Durban with the very best support around you, around the clock.  Let’s make memories!

  • 16-21 October, 2024
  • 5 Nights | 6 Days
  • 5 Stages | 722km | 6907m ascent

All expenses paid including;

  • 5 Nights Premium Accommodation
  • All Meals & Beverages (ex alcohol)
  • Think Bike Marshals
  • Mechanic
  • Masseuse
  • Shuttle
  • Support Vehicle
  • Bicycle Transfer back from Durban
  • Shuttle Transfer back from Durban
  • Nutrition & Fully Stocked Water Points
  • Number Collection
  • Exciting Goodie Bag
  • Collectable Finishers Medal

You may request your own private room for the duration of the tour at a surcharge of R2000.
Price adjustments will not be made for substitutions, changes or exclusions. This is an all inclusive package to be provided for, per person, as advertised.

Registration and Collection:

Registration & Goodie Bag Collection will be held from 06H00 on 16 October 2024, at Nkanga Lodge. All apparel that has been ordered will be ready for collection at registration. It is a very quick process so you will have plenty of time to get yourself ready for the stage Grand Depart at 07H00.

Goodie Bag:

The amazing partners and sponsors have provided great samples, vouchers & useful products for a special goodie bag. The goodie bag alone is worth so much, provided to you for free!

Daily Registration:

An itinerary will be sent out closer to the tour date, which will have a detailed check-in time at the start of each stage.

Bag Drop:

Every morning we will load your large bags onto the shuttle, with your small bag loaded onto the support vehicle. Your large bag will be for your casual clothes, toiletries, etc. that is needed for the trip, whilst your small bag will be packed daily with items that are needed out on the ride, such as bombs, nutrition, tubes, etc.


Safety is one of our biggest concerns when we think cycling in South Africa, whether it be on tar or dirt roads.The amazing Think Bike Marshals will be on hand to assist with traffic control and rider safety along the route.
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Our aim is to make this ride safe, enjoyable and to give you the opportunity to ride your bike for the day with the best support possible.
With the Think Bike Marshals we have consistently been in good hands on every outride and are confident we can achieve this at every ride ahead.


16 October, 2024

  • * Stage 1 | Kempton Park – Standerton
  • * 157km | 792m ascent
  • * On Day 1, you will depart Kempton Park through to Standerton on what will be a fairly flat parcours and a “warm-up” for the days to come. This is a great introduction to the tour for riders to get to know each other and settle into the saddle for the tour.

17 October, 2024

  • * Stage 2 | Standerton – Dundee
  • * 202km | 1819m ascent
  • * Day 2 is the longest day in the saddle, mostly made up of long drags and short, sharp climbs. Enjoy the 17km descent out of Volksrust as you make your way through Newcastle on your way to Dundee. It’s not the hardest stage on paper, just a long one. Settle in and enjoy the day out.

18 October, 2024

  • * Stage 3 | Dundee – Mooirivier
  • * 167km | 2121m ascent
  • * The Queen Stage! At just over 100 miles for the day, the route does present a few climbs, but after two longer days in the saddle, the legs should be in the groove for Stage 3. The amazing road surface will assist in keeping the wheels rolling at a good speed on this lumpy stage.

19 October, 2024

  • * Stage 4 | Mooirivier – Pietermaritzburg
  • * 90km | 875m ascent
  • * Stage 4… the “leg loosener” for the race. Enjoy a sleep in and later start. After a fun descent to Piggly Wiggly, we’ll stop for coffee and cake. From there it’s a steady pace for a few more climbs before the big descent down Worlds View and into Pietermaritzburg. Lunch will follow at the hotel, a pool to relax and unwind, massages and then getting yourself ready for the Amashova race to Durban.

20 October, 2024

  • * Stage 5 | Amashova | Pietermaritzburg – Durban
  • * 106km | 1300m
  • * Race Day!!! We will aim to have riders drop down to ride as one group to Durban, but everyone is still welcome to stay in their batch and race, if those legs are willing. We can’t wait to see you all cross that finish line in Durban! Beers and platters await at the finish, followed by a victory ride to the hotel in Umhlanga. Well done, you’ve just completed the Amashova Tour. A celebration dinner and drinks at Old Town Italy has become a tradition, which is a big afternoon of celebration.

Group Info:

We will have one group available for you to join. Below are the average speeds we expect to ride each day dependent on the parcours for the day. Ensure you are comfortable with the average speed per day, as we need to ensure the group stays together all day, everyday.

Stage 1 | Kempton Park - Standerton

  • 157km | 792m ascent
  • Average Speed | 30km/hr
  • Estimated Moving Time | 5hrs 14min

Stage 2 | Standerton - Dundee

  • 202km | 1819m ascent
  • Average Speed | 28km/hr
  • Estimated Moving Time | 7hrs 13min

Stage 3 | Dundee - Mooirivier

  • 167km | 2121m ascent
  • Average Speed | 26km/hr
  • Estimated Moving Time | 6hrs 25min

Stage 4 | Mooirivier - Pietermaritzburg

  • 90km | 875m ascent
  • Average Speed | 30km/hr (It’s all downhill to PMB)
  • Estimated Moving Time | 3hrs

Stage 5 | Amashova | Pietermaritzburg - Durban

  • 106km | 1300m ascent
  • RACE DAY!!!
  • Race your pace or ride with the group in a lower batch

Group Dynamics:

  • This is not a race… until Day 5!
  • Everyone must stay together along the route, everyday. This is for safety reasons and in the ethos of everyone riding as a group, not racing and enjoying the tour.
  • As there are stronger riders and slightly weaker riders, ride accordingly in the group. If you are stronger, assist the weaker riders on the climbs.
  • Stronger riders should ride up front and assist the weaker riders at the back. Weaker riders should aim to ride in the middle of the group.
  • The average speed for the day will be controlled by a group leader. Respect the pace and the group leaders instructions.
  • Certain weather conditions can increase or decrease the pace for the day. The average is a guideline should conditions be favourable.
  • There will be pre-determined water points and lunch stops everyday. The group will stop at all water points and lunch collectively.
  • If someone punctures in the group, the entire group will stop.

Small Bags:

Your small bag will be packed daily into the following support vehicle.
The small bag can be packed with any spares, nutrition, chargers, etc. that you may need throughout the day.

Large Bags / Luggage:

All your large bags and luggage needed for the trip will be packed into the shuttle, available when you arrive at the finish destination daily.

Fully Stocked Water Points:

We will have rolling water points on offer throughout the first four stages. Every water point will be fully stocked with nutrition, water, coke, ice, banana’s, crunchies, sweets and something different daily to keep things interesting.

Water Points & Lunch Distance:

Your final itinerary will have the detailed water and lunch kilometre markers per day


Five nights accommodation is included in your package. At the end of every stage, accommodation will be provided in hotels, with a minimum of three-four star, depending on availability. Maximum two persons per room will be assigned for shared accommodation. 

Stage 1 Dundee

Appledew Guest House

Stage 2 Dundee

Battlefields Country Lodge

Stage 3 Mooi River

Midlands Saddle & Trout

Stage 4 Pietermaritzburg

Stay Easy Pietermaritzburg

Stage 5 uMhlanga

Coastlands Umhlanga

Food & Beverage:

Food and beverages for the full six day, five night trip is included in your package. Beverages include all hot and cold drinks, excluding alcohol.

Meals provided includes Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner daily whilst on tour. (excluding breakfast on 16 October & dinner on 21 October)

Number Collection:

On Day 4, you will ride from Mooirivier through to Pietermaritzburg. Relax for the rest of the day and get yourself race ready for the next day. We will collect your race numbers from Durban and provide these to you at Dinner on 19 October.

Race Day:

When you are finished your race, the group will collectively relax at the race village until the last rider from the tour group is in. The group will then take a short victory ride to the hotel in Umhlanga to enjoy the afternoon and evening together, before departing on Monday morning back to Johannesburg.

Support Vehicles:

For the entire tour, except Day 5 at the Amashova race (due to no vehicle access on route), you will have a shuttle and support vehicle. The shuttle will transport your bags from one location to the next, with the support vehicle driving behind the group for the entire four day trip to Pietermaritzburg. The support vehicle will be on hand with first aid, your small bags, rolling water point beverages and snacks, basic backup spares and even just a seat to take five minutes off the bike.Squirt Chain Lube will be available in the support vehicle so your chain stays clean, lasts long and extends drive train life. Cooler Boxes with ice will be kept in the support vehicle to keep your bottles cold. Should you use the cooler box, ensure your bottles are easily identifiable, should they get mixed up with others


We’re working on including awesome, branded Drake Events apparel to your goodie bag. Add to this and build your “blue train” collection by ordering cycling apparel;

  • * Order your Amashova Tour or Drake Events SOX. (R100 per pair)
  • * Order your Amashova Tour or Drake Events jersey, by Van H. (R1500 per jersey)
  • * Don’t forget to include your order on the registration form.

Bicycle Transport:

We will have a trailer for bicycle transport for the entire trip to Durban. Should you have any issues on the bike and/or need a few kilometres or day off the bike, we will transfer you and your bike to the next location. The bicycle transport is included in the package to bring your bicycle back from Durban to Johannesburg.

Bike Wash:

While you are relaxing after your ride, we will give your bike a basic clean and wash with Squirt Bike Cleaner. ?????? ???? ??????? is a concentrated and biodegradable bicycle cleaner. The concentrate can be diluted 1:25 and still produce a heavy-duty cleaning solution. It is water based and does not contain any organic solvents.


The long days out are a little easier with fresher legs. We will have a masseuse on hand for afternoon and evening massages, which helps immensely with recovery after consecutive days in the saddle.


We welcome Marnus Dege on tour with us, to take care of your bikes and any mechanical issues you may experience. Marnus brings with him great credentials and experience and we believe he’s truly the man for the job. Whilst there are no issues on bikes, Marnus will be riding with us in the group, so you also have the pleasure of riding with a very experienced Vets rider with any advice you may need.

Should you have any mechanical issues, Marnus will aim to fix the problem immediately. If the issue requires more attention, you and Marnus will load into the support vehicle to follow the group whilst Marnus fixes the issue and gets the bike rideable. Should the issue be a bigger problem, requiring more attention or specific spares, Marnus will liaise with the local bike shop at the arrival destination to order your spares and get the bike fixed right away upon arrival.

Our aim is to keep you on the bike for the entire tour. As there are so many different kinds of bikes, spares, etc., it’s impossible to stock spares on tour for the entire group, but we will endeavour to keep you riding with Marnus and local bike shops at the end of each stage.

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