ACNW Cross country 2024
Fri 24 May 2024 @ Klerksdorp, North West

ACNW Cross Country

Please read carefully  !

Athletes  register online only ONCE. The payment for participating at each league will be done at the venue.


Dates & Venues  2024

The venues for this coming season are as follows:

Friday,  24 May 2024    -   League 1:    La Hoff Primary in Klerksdorp

Saturday,  1  June 2024   -    League 2:   Goudkop Primary in Klerksdorp

Saturday,  8 June 2024   -   League 3:    NWU in Potchefstroom – (NWU Joolplaas) (ANWN to attend)


Saturday,   13 July 2024   -   League 4:   Schweizer High School in Schweizer Reneke

Saturday,  20 July 2024  -    League 5:   Baillie Park Primary in Potchefstroom

Saturday,   27 July 2024  -    League 6: Ottosdal Primary in Ottosdal   

Saturday,   3 August 2024   -   League 7:   Potch Gimnasium in Potchefstroom

Saturday, 10 August 2024  -  No League  (Long weekend)

Saturday,   17 August 2024   -   League 8:    CURRO School in Klerksdorp

Saturday,   24 August 2024  -   ACNW Championships at NWU Joolplaas in Potchefstroom

Saturday,  7 September 2024   -   SA Championships; Vanderbijlpark in AVT

 Program 2024  


09:001Jnr Women (2005+2006)

6 Km  (3x2km)
09:002Boys 16 (2008); Boys 17 (2007)

6 Km  (3x2km)
09:003Men (60-64); (65-69); (70+)

6 Km  (3x2km)
09:254Jnr Men (2005+2006)

8 Km  (4x2km)
09:255Men (35-39); (40-44); (45-49); (50-54); (55-59)
8 Km  (4x2km)
09:256Snr Men + Snr Women

10 Km (5x2km)
10:107Girls 8  (2016 or after)

1 Km  (1x1km)
10:158Boys 8  (2016 or after)

1 Km  (1x1km)
10:209Girls 11 (2013); Girls 12 (2012); Girls 13 (2011)
3 Km (1x1km+1x2km
10:3510Boys 11 (2013); Boys 12 (2012)

3 Km (1x1km+1x2km
10:5011Girls 14 (2010); Girls 15 (2009)

4 Km  (2x2km)
10:5012Girls 16 (2008); Girls 17 (2007)

4 Km  (2x2km)
10:5013Women (35-39); (40-44); (45-49); (50-54); (55-59); (60+)4 Km  (2x2km)
11:1014Snr Men;  Men U/23 (2002)

4 Km  (2x2km)
11:1015Snr Women; Women U/23 (2002)

4 Km  (2x2km)
11:2516Girls 9  (2015); Girls 10  (2014)

2 Km  (1x2km)
11:3517Boys 9  (2015); Boys 10  (2014)

2 Km  (1x2km)
11:5018Boys 13 (2011); Boys 14 (2010); Boys 15 (2009)
4 Km  (2x2km)



NB!! Registration for the 2024 cross country season:

In addition to the normal annual registration for getting the ASA permanent numbers, all cross country athletes have to register for the 2024-cross country season.

 With this registration the athlete will receive one additional cross country number.

 This number will be linked to the athlete’s whole pedigree (name + surname, etc) as well as the athlete’s timing chip.

 During the registration process the athlete’s timing chip will also be activated for the 2024-season.

Registration fee with new timing chip                                                        =  R80.00            
 Registration fee only (if already have a timing chip from 2023)        =  R35.00

This additional “cross country number” will be available one week before the first league meeting at the ACNW office, 

 and will be  handed out at the very first cross country league meeting on Friday, 24 May 2024.
 Athletes are requested to wear this number on the front ; it has to be pinned over the front ASA number.

NB!! Please take note that this additional number does not replace the compulsory ASA permanent numbers!

General Rules for 2024:

Criteria for team selection to SA Champs – 2024:  (AVT – 7 Sept 2024)

1.1       Athletes have to take part in at least 5 league meetings during the season of which three (3) of the last five (5) league meetings after the July holidays are compulsory plus the ACNW Champs
Participation in the ACNW Championships is compulsory for selection.

1.2      In order to accommodate athletes who also play other sport for their schools/clubs or the NW province on Saturdays, or athletes who compete internationally during the domestic XC-season; ACNW has the following ruling: These athletes may run at the ACNW Champs, but they will have to have taken part in at least 2 league meetings during the season and then will have to finish in the top 10 at the ACNW champs with a qualification as far as the cut-off times are concerned, to possibly make the ACNW team to SA’s.
 Athletes who are involved as mentioned above will have to supply  ACNW with letters from their schools/clubs confirming the athlete’s participation in other sports, IF THAT PARTICULAR SPORT CLASHES WITH THE XC-LEAGUE MEETINGS. If no letters are received at the time of selection, the athlete will be judged according to the normal rules.

1.3       ACNW athletes who will be selected will have to meet the qualifying times (set by ACNW), on the day of the championships.
Performances on the day of the ACNW Champs will be very important in the selection process!
 No sick notes will be accepted on the day of the championships!

1.4       No individual entries to compete at SA’s will be done by ACNW 



ACNW Cross country 2024

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ACNW Cross Country 2024 10 km R 35.00

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La Hoff primary Klerksdorp, Klerksdorp

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City Klerksdorp
Province North West

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