Upington Summer Triathlon 2024
Sun 3 Nov 2024 @ Upington, Northern Cape

Upington Summer Triathlon

Upington Summer Triathlon returns and promises to be filled with adventure, laughter, braaivleis, and a lot of PBs..

This is a first-of-its-kind event and Upington Summer Triathlon, powered by Upington Volkswagen, takes place next to the Orange River and Vineyards in Upington.

Upington Summer Triathlon has the vision to make triathlon fun for the whole family, and the different classes cater to that.

Enter as individuals for the standard, the half, or the kiddies, OR in family teams, school teams, or team up with friends. 

To get the best GEES, purchase our colourful merchandise and come and celebrate the day in colour while enjoying the braaivleis, beer, and much more.

For those traveling to Upington, book your on-venue-stay at Waterfront Guest House.

This is an event you don't want to miss out on. 


Only a limited amount online entries will be accepted.  No entries will be accepted the morning of the event.

Please make sure to enter early to secure your entry. Only the First 120 PAID entries receive a goodie bag.

Unpaid entries will be removed after 7 days


Saturday 09:00 - 10:00 at Waterfront Guest House and Venue

Race Briefing:


Race Starts:


Start groups & Sequence:

Standard Distance

Half Distance

School Distance

Kiddies (9:00 am)

Prize Giving



High quality sublimated shirts will be available to add to your cart. This is an event favourite! Make sure you add yours.

Age restriction:

The participant must be able to complete with no assistance from parent/competitor in order to receive a medal & 1,2,3 place prize.

Stay up to date:

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Team information
This event supports team entries for certain classes. Team sizes range from 2 - 3 participants per team.

Classes and pricing
Available classes for the event

Class Distance Price (pp)
UST Challenge Individual 31 km 500m swim 22km bike 8.6km run R 350.00
UST Challenge Teams Relay
500m swim 22km bike 8.6km run
31 km 500m swim 22km bike 8.6km run R 300.00
UST Half Individual
250m swim, 12km bike, 4.2km run
18 km 250m swim, 12km bike, 4,2km run R 300.00
UST Junior Individual
125m swim, 6km bike, 2km run
9 km 125m swim 6km bike 2km run R 250.00
UST Junior Teams Relay
125m swim, 6km bike,2km run
9 km 125m swim 6km bike 2km run R 200.00
UST Half Teams Relay
250m swim, 12km bike, 4.2km run
18 km 250m swim, 12km bike, 4,2km run R 250.00
UST Kiddies
20m swim, 1km bike, 500m run
20m swim, 1km bike, 500m run R 150.00

Event location
Waterfront Guest House & Venue Upington, Upington

Route information


Coordinates -28.4528272, 21.2706608
Address Kalahari Waterfront Guest House Steenbok Ave Upington 8801
City Upington
Province Northern Cape

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