Daddy’s OCR#3
Sat 16 Sep 2017, 08:00 @ Elgin Valley, Grabouw, Western Cape

Daddy's Adventures

Route & Event:
Daddy’s OCR Series:
The Daddy’s OCR series will challenge participants against one another on a fast-paced, obstacle-packed course.The greatest combination of speed, strength and technique will be paramount on this course. With the rising popularity for the need of outdoor adventure activities in South Africa, this is just what South Africans have been looking for. The varying race distances allow many individuals with varying fitness levels the opportunity to explore their outdoor orisons. The Daddy’s Adventures OCR series is not only fun but also provides a platform for individuals to test their endurance capabilities.

We also offer a 5km and 10km trail run before the start of the OCR races.
Our Mission Statement:
A fun activity platform for all types of individuals that not only tests their endurance capabilities but a platform which allows them to develop an understanding of how to accomplish the obstacles life may throw at them.

Daddy’s Kidz (6-10 years, 1km) = R95
Daddy’s Bolt (Over 10 yrs, 5km) = R195
Daddy’s Dare (Over 12 yrs, 10km) = R295
Daddy’s Elite (Over 16 yrs, 15km) = R395

5km Trail Run = R75

New Timing Chip = R50
Special Offer: Enter a team of 10 and only pay for 9 entries?
The races are not limited, but please enter on-line to guarantee your space, as well as make the administration of the athletes and riders easier. 
Entries on the day from 07:00 - 08:00 
Race Teams:
Obstacle Course Race & Trail Run - All members must registers.
The team members should preferably register together. Different teams cannot use the same name. If there are a few teams participating from your club/company, make sure that each team has a different name - this can be as simple as adding a number to the end of each team’s name. i.e Microsoft 1, Microsoft 2
Contact:  0218440241

More information:

Team information
This event supports team entries for certain classes. Team sizes range from 2 - 15 participants per team.

This event is timed by LiveTime.

Classes and pricing
Available classes for the event

Class Distance Start Time Price (pp)
Daddy's Elite   15 km 08:30 R 395.00
Daddy's Dare   10 km 08:55 R 295.00
Daddy's Bolt   5 km 09:00 R 195.00
Daddy's Kidz   1 km 12:00 R 95.00
5km - Daddy's Trail Run   5 km 07:30 R 75.00

Event location
Old Mac Daddy, Elgin Valley, Elgin Valley, Grabouw

Route information
Coordinates -34.23040067704, 19.118886132812
Address 112 Valley Road
City Elgin Valley, Grabouw
Province Western Cape

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