Sat 17 Mar - Sun 1 Oct 2017 @ Cape Town, Western Cape

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We all face obstacles in life… some more than others… being able to hear is something that most of us take for granted each day. There are few people who can say they know what it must feel like to witness the elation of someone that was not able to hear be able to hear the voice of their Mom, Dad, Husband or children.

Runstacle will be donating 100% of the ticket sales for this event to the Johannesburg Cochlear implant centre so that they can continue their amazing work giving people the ability to hear


If you would like to see what happens when someone is able to hear for the first time watch this video and Try not to cry!!!




Description of the Johannesburg Cochlear Implant Centre:

We are a non-profit organisation that assists those who meet the criteria for cochlear implantation to acquire a device. We offer a full range of services to both children and adults. We offer multidisciplinary assessments and personalised care and management of each patient. We are fund-raising to make Cochlear Implants accessible for as many individuals as possible so they will be able to engage with the hearing world.


What is a Cochlear Implant?

A Cochlear Implant is an electronic device that bypasses the damaged outer hair cells of the Cochlear, to provide direct electrical stimulation to the nerve fibers. Unlike a hearing aid, it does not rely on the remaining hearing ability but rather replaces the hair cell function.


A Cochlear Implant allows the recipient to access speech and environmental sounds. There are many factors that will determine the long term success of an implant.


What is Involved?

The Surgeon implants the device just behind the ear, he drills into the mastoid bone and inserts the electrode into the cochlear.


The recipient then wears and external device that picks up the sound and converts it to electrical sound which causes individual electrodes to stimulate the nerve resulting in the person being able to hear. A Cochlear Implant can significantly improve the recipients quality of life, however the individual would require rehabilitation post implant for them to acquire optimal benefit from the device.


Who is a Candidate?


A person is a Cochlear Implant candidate when they no longer achieve adequate benefit from their hearing aids. This can be a baby, a child or an adult, with a sudden hearing loss or a progressive hearing loss. If you are not sure if you or a loved one is a candidate, please contact JCIC for an assessment.


NPO number - 2015/101582/08

PBO number - 930059301

Tax number - 9353107189




Runstacle is the first of its kind basic , fun trail run with 10 easy obstacles. Every Saturday morning you can come and try an obstacle course and Trail Run for only R50.00.

There are no tough obstacles requiring excessive upper body strength so anyone can do it.

All Runstacles are hosted on beautiful properties with an option to stay afterwards and enjoy a coffee and / or breakfast


Bring your kids down, host a birthday party or simply come and see how fast you can finish 4km and 10 Obstacles

More information:

Classes and pricing
Available classes for the event

Class Distance Start Time Price (pp)
Fun Run 4k/10 obstacle   4 km 08:30 R 50.00

Event location
Cape Town Ostrich Ranch, Cape Town

Route information

25min from Cape Town on the N7 towards Malmesbury take the Van Schoorsdrif turnoff and follow the signs to The Cape Town Ostrich Ranch

Coordinates -33.7442489, 18.5561467
Address Van Schoorsdrif Rd, Philadelphia, Cape Town, 7439
City Cape Town
Province Western Cape

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