Entry Ninja Referral Links

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Share your unique link with friends and earn money in your wallet

How it works:

  • Percentage referrals will be calculated based on the total amount paid for an entry, excluding coupon payments.
  • Value referrals will be determined by the number of members included in an entry.
  • Only fully paid entries will qualify for referral earnings; partially paid entries will not be considered valid referrals.
  • Referral earnings won't be earned on registrations where you are the registration owner.
  • Your unique Entry Ninja number is embedded in the link you share. If your friends don't use this specific link to register, the referral won't be valid.
  • Referral amounts will be transferred to your Entry Ninja Wallet on the Wednesday following the event date.
  • Entry Ninja will not manually allocate earnings for any reason.

Example Calculation:

Assume a paid registration has a basket total of R200.00 with 2 members:

For Percentage Referral:

  • Referral percentage is 2.00%.
  • Total amount available to earn: R4.00 (R200.00 * 2.00%).
  • If there is a first-time entrant, the R4.00 will be multiplied by the multiplier (e.g., 1.2).

For Fixed Value Referral:

  • Referral value is R5.00 per member.
  • Total amount available to earn per paid member: R5.00.
  • If there is a first-time entrant, the R5.00 will be multiplied by the multiplier (e.g., 1.2).

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